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Xander in Africa 2-CD Soundtrack is Still Live


Would you believe it? The Xander in Africa 2-CD set I posted almost a month ago is, in fact, still live on MegaUpload.

For those of you who missed it the first time around, here are the links:

(Xander in Africa — World on Fire)

(Xander in Africa — Alegria)

The two CDs are broken up into several zipped files for easier and (in theory) faster downloading.

Yikes! According to statistics from MegaUpload:

  • The first CD has been downloaded 221 to 185 times, depending on the section.
  • The second CD has been downloaded 151 to 138 times, depending on the section.

I should let you know, however, that only the MegaUpload links work. The alternative DL links have already expired.

Please feel free to grab the files as they're still available.

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