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All Africander All the Time

Africander Fic-A-Thon Will Now Commence

ludditerobot has officially kicked off the Africander Fic-A-Thon.

All rules for entering are in his post, as is a complete list of African nations. Basically, stake your claim and start writing.

Common people. This is totally a good idea. Think of it: you get to research a whole new culture and have fun writing about it in a completely ficitional way. More fun than should be legal. No. Really, it is.

The loose deadline for fics is January 19, although both early and late entries are allowed.

And for the record, I've alrady called Mali and Algeria, so hands off.

Africander Drabble Series Pimp

I keep meaning to pimp iyalode's series of Africander shorts and drabbles. She's been working her way through the continent and most of her drabbles are written to highlight organizations that are doing good work there. Go and read.

Post-Africander Story Pimp

nwhepcat has a a new Katrina relief fic up called Hard Ground. A spare story that focuses on Xander returning back to the U.S. after spending two or three years in Africa. Sad with a hint of hopeful around it.

Africander Soundtrack

I don't know if the links for my Africander Soundtrack are still live. If not and if someone wants me to re-upload it because they're looking for inspiration for their own Africander story, please let me know.

P.S.: World AIDS Day

As I see on my FList, today is World AIDS Day, where we remember people who have died as a result of HIV-infection and complications from AIDS. Bristol-Meyers Squibb is running a fundraiser today at Light to Unite. For each candle lit, they will donate $1 to AIDS research. If you can do nothering else, at least do a mouseclick.

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