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New Living History...

LiveJournal is being such a bitch to me today...

Heh. What with RL and my rant yesterday, I realized that I hadn't posted a new part to Living History yet.

In other news, my Faithficathon piece has me by the shorthairs, which is making forward going on Living History a little more difficult because I have to eat, do chores, and work at some point, yo! Truthfully, I was a little lost on what to do with it because it involved characters I don't normally write. Then while unpacking my library I came across Moby Dick and wham instant inspiration.

Need I say that this is dark? Very dark. I normally don't do deep dark (angst, sure, but dark?) and this? This is scary dark. I'm actually kinda nervous about submitting it because I'm fairly certain this isn't what the requestor expected, but I don't have any other hook to hang this on because I've been seriously Joss'd.

Odd, I have no problem dancing ahead with Living History despite the Jossing, but this Jossing has made Where Fools Go almost impossible to continue. Plus, nwhepcating. I had plans to throw a cop in my mix (Whyte) that's connected through Faith in the series but the gal beat me to it with her Straley. (And if you aren't reading Lilac City, why aren't you?) And no, she definitely didn't know, so don't look at me like that. :-)

I suppose I'll get back to it at some point, but for some reason, Living History and it's more hopeful universe seems to be more what I need to write these days.

Which is being more than made up by my Faithficathon entry. *yeeeesh* And the Psalm challenge musesfool issued. I was actually disappointed that I kinda got a happy one, but no worries...that one is going dark on me too.

So, let's see. Still hanging around out there:

Living History

Faithfication entry (Yes I have a title. No, I can't tell you yet.)

Psalm challenge (Still haven't settled on a title)

Where Fools Go (Sort of on a hiatus for at least the next six months)

Living History Follow-up 1 (Self challenge since it involves Spike fairly heavily..some parts written, mostly planned)

Ummm, yeah. Quite the plate I got there.

Up to part 53 can be found here

Continued from here

As he dragged Robin back into the cavern they had fled earlier, Xander could feel exhaustion--caused by the strain of keeping his one eye focused on finding the least rocky path to more stable ground, dragging the taller man over said rocky path, and the loss of the adrenalin boost he had when a snake was hot on his heels--settle over him like a thick blanket.

He could still hear the snake hissing and growling in its trap, as well as the sound of scattering rocks, probably caused by its tail lashing around, he figured. The acoustics gave the illusion that the snake was surrounding them and that any second coils would drop from the ceiling, entrapping both he and Robin.

“Xander!” Vi shouted as she sped across the cavern.

“Help me with Robin,” Xander said.

Vi got on the other side of the injured man, lightening the load on Xander’s shoulder. “What happened?” she asked with wide, worried eyes. “When we saw you two were missing…”

“The snake’s trapped right now. Got stuck when the tunnel narrowed, so it’s ready for a good Slaying. But first we gotta get Robin comfy.”

“M’fine,” Robin protested weakly as his head lolled. “Tired, tho’.”

“Don’t close your eyes. Don’t even think of closing your eyes,” Xander desperately ordered. “You’ve got a concussion and you have to stay awake until we get someone to look at you.”

“How did Robin get hurt?” Lisa asked as they approached.

“The narrow tunnel that captured our snake cracked his head,” Xander answered shortly. “His concussion is pretty bad.”

The other three Slayers joined Vi and took Robin off his hands, leaning the former principal against the cavern wall.

Robin thanked them by throwing up with a sickening groan.

“Eeeeeew!” Barbara protested as she backed away in a dance step.

“Get used to it,” Xander grimly said as he jumped forward to grab Robin as the other man began sinking to the ground. “Us non-Slayer types don’t have your healing, so stuff like this happens. That’s why I’m trying to stick with distance weapons. Less chance of sleeping through a fight that way.”

“Is he going to be all right?” Sally asked.

Xander helped Robin settle to the ground and checked the other man’s pupils. Robin mumbled a protest and began to shiver.

“Probably, but it’s a pretty bad concussion,” Xander said. “We have to keep him awake, no matter what.” He looked around at the girls. “Sadly, we don’t have anything on us to keep him warm, so that’s about all we can do until we get him out of here.”

“What are we going to do?” Vi asked. Over her shoulder, Barbara, Sally, and Lisa peered at him with wide eyes.

That’s when it him: they were looking to him to come up with a plan. Great. Just great. He had to worry about Buffy, Giles, and the other Slayers fighting above ground; Faith, Willow, Dawn, and Catherine’s team in the grail cavern; an injured Robin that had to get evacuated pronto; and one trapped, pissed snake.

Right. One step at a time.

“First off, someone get me my crossbow,” Xander said.

Barbara dutifully jogged off to retrieve it.

“Next up, we gotta kill that snake,” Xander said as Barbara returned with his crossbow and handed it to him.

“But Robin…” Sally protested.

“The snake is the bigger problem. Robin says it shouldn’t be able to escape, but my gut tells me we should make sure,” Xander interrupted. “I don’t want to assume anything only to wind up snake kibble.”

Robin moaned and shivered.

“Stay awake!” Xander snapped at Robin.

“Tryin’,” Robin mumbled. “Cold.”

Xander worriedly chewed his lip. “I need one of you to stay with him to make sure he stays awake. Vi? How about you?”

“Why me?” Vi squeaked.

“Because I also don’t want to assume that rat-breath is our only trap,” Xander said. He hastened to add when he saw open her mouth to protest again, “And don’t tell me that I should trust that damn journal because I don’t. Something’s gone seriously wrong somewhere because nowhere did I say anyone would get this seriously hurt. So let’s assume we’re flying without a map.”

“Okay,” Vi said, not entirely mollified.

Xander reached out and grabbed her hand. “Vi? Of the four of you Slayers, you’re the one with the most training. So I trust you to keep your head and your eyes peeled for trouble. Someone needs to stay with Robin and, if necessary, protect him. Okay?”

Vi let a nervous smile escape as she nodded, squaring her shoulders as she did so.

“Once we kill that snake, one of you is getting Robin out of here. The rest of us will stick around just in case there’s a back-up booby trap,” Xander looked at each of the girls in turn, trying not to think how young and how eager they all looked. “Sally, Barbara, Lisa? The four of us are going to make us some snakeskin boots.”

The four Slayers crowded closer to get the details of the cavern layout and plot out a strategy for a righteous Slay.


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