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Pick a last line...

Ahhhh, I am back from my weekend of birthday celebrations with the fam (yes, 'tis early celebration for me).

Scored: A very nice winter coat and alpaca socks and alpaca gloves from Blue Lake Alpaca Farm.

(Check out the cute fuzzies! Awwwwwww! I love me alpacas. Nicer than llamas and smaller, too.)

And lemme tell you right now: alpaca anything rocks hard. Socks that are warm, cushiony, and comfy, but your feet don't sweat. It has something to do with the alpacca fur itself allowing the feet to breathe. These socks are a poly blend, so they're washable (unlike most knit products).

Of course, it started snowing today and I had to leave early, so thankfully I had my alpaca gloves. Gloves got soaked, but my hands stayed dry and were reasonably warm. Yay alpaca yarn!

Mucho thanks to the Incas that hid these cute litte treasures in the Andes from their Spanish overlords who, rightfully, saw these sturdy animals from the camel family as competition for sheep. Alpacas seem to be growing in number in New England because *gasp* they do well in rocky soil and in the snow and don't hoover up all the local food sources through their mouths because they evolved in fairly harsh conditions.

In other news...ummmm, not that there's other news, but I saw this article on great last lines from musesfool.

Personally, I find it to be very true. Even back in my dim days as a newspaper reporter, I sweated just as much over the last line as I did over the lede. Hence I was always upset when an article was cut for space because, in my mind, the final echo was as important as the opening salvo (so to speak).

As an interesting note, when I write fanfiction I usually write the last line and the opening line at the very same time. In the case of Living History, I wrote the closing scene first, even before the opening scene. Sometimes the wording in the last line gets tweaked, but generally, the spirit of it remains pretty solid throughout the whole story.

Last lines are so incredibly important because that's what leaves the lasting impression. You may lose people with a bad opening line, but you've got time to recover if people chose to stick with it.

A last line, though, is forever.

So, just for fun, I'm throwing open the forum to questions. (I'm doing this mostly because I shudder at the very thought of doing the DVD commentary meme on fanfiction that seems to be going around).

If you're so inclined, check out my stories and look at the last line. Ask me any question you want about the last line and I'll answer it.

Completed stories can be found in LJ memories or the Pit of Voles.

(Note: Screening for anonymous comments is off.)

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