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Xander in Africa Soundtrack Has Been Reposted

People looking for the latest installment of Water Hold Me Down, posted yesterday, please go here.

Drive by posting...since I'm still running nuts.

I was asked by kaydee23 to repost my Xander in Africa 2-CD Soundtrack.

Everything is now refreshed, including the backup links.

The MegaUpload links are good for 30 days. If you have trouble downloading the files, wait a day or two to try again. Also, don't try to download more than one or two files at the same time from MegaUpload because you will get an error reading.

However, the ShareBigFile backup links will expire in 7 to 8 hours. Because of the amount of time uploading to ShareBigFile eats up (I basically left my computer on all day to complete the uploads), I won't be refreshing those.

Click the links below to get to CD 1 or CD 2. The posts for both CDs are linked together.

(Xander in Africa — World on Fire)

(Xander in Africa — Alegria)

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