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This Is Why The Thief-in-Chief's Approval Rating Is 38%

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

—Benjamin Franklin

Meant to post something on this when the story started breaking two days ago, but busy RL prevented me from doing so. Plus, twistedchick and AmericaBlog had posts on this and it kicked me in the ass.

Anyone else pissed as all hell about this bullshit?

I mean, what the hell people? When you've got Human Rights Groups in Bangledesh pointing out that your country has gone off the deep end civl rights-wise, you know that you've got problems. But, as the Bangledeshis point out in their article, our problems on this front translates to problems for civil rights groups the world over. If we can't stave off this government's fascistic tendencies with our vaunted Constitutional protections, they note that everyone else can consider themselves pretty much fucked.

What I want to know is, why the hell aren't we more up in arms that we're living under a government that is so terrified of dissent, they'd actually spy on Quakers? Where are the cries of outrage? Where are the protests? Why aren't we getting on the phone to our Congressional representatives right now and demanding an investigation into this shit?

Because domestic spying? Not cool. And no one throw the "sleeper cell" argument at me. Every single terrorist attack on this nation's soil, from our homegrown nutjobs to the nutjobs born overseas, could have been stopped if people in law enfocement used the tools they already had. Shortcuts were made somewhere along the way, warnings were ignored (Hello August 6, 2001 memo detailing that Al Quaeda planned to hijack airplanes and use them as missles), and, in short, the existing system broke down.

Spy on the citizenry? Not going to solve that problem.

But this is clear a case of intimidation. Don't believe me? Check out this list of people and organizations spied on by the DoD.

Because, really people, what the fuck?

Why have we not impeached this entire administration? And why are they still roaming around the streets when their asses should be in jail? Why aren't we shipping these jerks off to the Hague so they can be charged with crimes against humanity?

And before you say, "Don't blame that Vicious Drunk and his Cadre of Sychophants," I do very much blame the Clown Circus. Any Wop like me can tell you, fish rots from the head, and this crew is rotten to the core, from outing a CIA operative as part of a political smear campaign, to lying to the American people to get them to agree to an illegal war of aggression against a sovreign nation, to fighting against a resolution that would ban the use of torture (hell, just that fact that we're now openly using torture and not apologizing for it makes me nervous; and someone tell me when torture became a question), to secret CIA prisons, to abandoning its citizens who've seen their lives destroyed, and now to domestic spying.

We need these people gone and we need them gone now.

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