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EEEEeeeeeeee! Great Big Sea!

FYI: If you haven't downloaded it yet and still want to, the Africander Soundtrack is still active. Please note that I won't be uploading this one again any time soon, so this is definitely your last chance to snag it. Once the links die, they're staying dead.

I just found out that Great Big Sea is going to be playing in Cambridge, MA, on April 29 and April 30.

Okay, okay! I know that's something like four months away, but...but...I've been trying to see these dudes for like 4 years. Usually I hear they're playing in my area something like two weeks after they do it, so, MUST SEE!


Anyone in the area interested in coming with? You know I'll be asking again as it gets closer to THE DATE so no rush.

Aaaaaand I just found out that both Cambridge shows are sold out. Damn, damn, damn.

Here's an MP3 for anyone wondering what they sound like:

Ordinary Day — Great Big Sea

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