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Weird Foods I Have Known

Still on restricted computer access until I get my home computer sorted out. I didn't get a chance last night (BASPHEMY!) because I needed to hit the grocery store.

You know? I really should know better than to go shopping right after work but before I eat dinner.

I also know that I should avoid my local Victory Supermarket.

See, I have a theory: You can always tell what kind of city you've moved in by the local chain grocery store.

Now, when I lived in Rhode Island, my local grocery store was the Eastside Marketplace, which was big on the organic and free range before it was the rage (I lived near Brown University).

When I lived in Beverly (north of Boston), my local Stop & Shop and Shaw's were very, very whitebread. Aside from a little "Italian" flava in some of the aisles, nothin' by way of fun food that makes you wonder, "I wonder what that tastes like." If I wanted anything Spanish, I had to go into Salem (the town next door) and hit up the botegas.

Now I'm in Waltham in which "multicultural" and "working class" just about covers everything. My local Victory supermarket has some *very* weird-ass food and a million different varieties of said weird-ass food. Good thing it's one of those stores where you can get lost just trying to navigate the produce/seafood/deli counter troika.

So, last night I was loading up on duck, veal heart, buffalo, (I looked at the ostrich and emu but wasn't sure), and fruits and veggies that I can only begin to guess what they taste like...and I think I heard more languages in the produce department than there were actual people.

Ahhhhhhh! Paradise!

Of course, if I want to go down Moody Street this weekend, I'll be able to hit the Pakistan-Indian grocers (only in Waltham do they get live in peace and thre's two of them!); Asian market, Spanish botega(s), Italian food import store, Middle Eastern corner store with its Halal beef (sooooooo tender).

Eeeep! I'm tryin' ta loose weight over here and I move to an international food paradise.


Anyway, here's hoping my "one last thing to try" works. Otherwise, I'll have to haul it out for a diagnostic (I want to be sure it's the ethernet card). And thanks for the recommendation on Netgear guys! If the Ethernet card is the issue, I'll be sure to grab that one and install it.

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