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Happy Birday whiskyinmind!

Latest random blank tapes:

  • Ken Burns is a flipping genius. I know some Jazz afficianados don't like Jazz, but for someone like me who was almost completely ignorant of Jazz, it was an eye-opening introduction that expanded my musical horizons to an insane degree. I get a little defensive about Jazz, as if you can't tell. Plus, he hooked me with history, folklore, and legend. I still got hooked watching the episodes that managed to survive over re-taping.

  • As a personal side note, back when I worked for unnamed company that gave me my highest-paying but most boring writing job ever, I managed to track down Ken Burns' phone number for an interview. It actually wasn't that hard because the man doesn't hide. At all. Anyway, when I called, he answered the phone himself. Poor guy had stammer through a refusal to do the interview. He was very sweet about it.

  • Holy crap! Burns and Allen! Awesome! I own some pro-video tapes (no DVDs...yet), but this is just a snippet, so I can't tell which episode this is from. What I love most about this show is the random product placement for the Carnation brands of evaporated and condensed milk and how they just don't bother to hide it. They will stop the entire plot to do the product placement. Like Harry von Zell delivering Carnations to Gracie and her trying to milk the suckers because she figures that's where Carnation milk comes from, then Harry explaining that it doesn't come from carnations, but "contented cows." Then we go on with plot. Hi-Larious.

  • It wasn't this episode, but one of my favorite bits was when Fred Clark became the third actor to step into the roll of sane neighbor Harry Morton. He comes on, does his first scene with George, and as he walks out, ol' George turns to the audience and introduces the actor by name and asks the crowd to give him a hand. Didn't even try to gloss over the cast change. C'mon. How is that not awesome?

  • When you think about it, Burns and Allen is unique. It's a sitcom that focuses on the crazy neighbors next door, instead of the crazy neighbors next door being the supporting players.

  • Another personal note: One of my best interviews ever was with the guy who edited the Burns and Allen show. Gracie may have been the comic brains, but George was the crazy creative genius coupled with a brilliant business mind. He was all over whatever new technology had just proven itself useful. Not an early adopter, but if he saw potential...whammo. Also? Hell of a task-master. He'd fire you one day, and give you a raise the next for putting up with him.

  • One half of a M*A*S*H episode. It looks like it's near the end of the run of the series since everyone seems to be talking in a sane manner in the mess tent. Don't know the episode. Don't know why it's here. Not a huge post-Radar M*A*S*H fan.

  • 'Into the Woods' BtVS S5 from FX. You know what? I've decided that I like Riley. He fucked up, but I like Riley. Poor Marc Blucus was in a little over-his-head acting-wise, but he had charm, too. I still don't understand why Xander gets smacked around by fans like a cheap cat toy for his role in that episode. He didn't tell Buffy to stay with Riley. He was pretty damn clear: If she could love him, she should work it out. If she doesn't love him, she should break his heart, make it a clean break, and let him go. I forgot all about the "let him go" part, honestly.

  • I remember how happy I was when Riley "staked" Spike in that episode because the character and his creepy stalking ways were starting to get on my nerves. Knowing what I know now? I was, "Ooooooh! So close! So close!! Riley, you idiot! A plastic stake?!?!"

  • I just realized the core Buffy-Xander dynamic in BtVS-WB. Xander says something she doesn't like. Buffy turns on him and throws his own faults back in his face. Xander refuses to back down. Sometimes Buffy listens, sometimes she doesn't, but you do get the sense that she takes him a hell of a lot more seriously than Willow does. Hell, Giles takes Xander a lot more seriously than Willow does. Also getting the vibe from this episode that Buffy and Xander are better friends than Willow and Xander, probably because Buffy and Xander are more willing to clash when they disagree. Remember when Xander was precepto boy? I miss those days.

  • As annoyed as I am that Dawn survived past her sell-by date at the end of S5, she's so flipping cute in this episode that I just want to give her a noogie. After seeing the S7 episodes, it looks like Michelle Trachenberg was as beaten down as the rest of the cast by the end.

  • And once more, I'm struck by the fact that, wow! The Scoobies are actually friends! Who knew?

  • Wow! That was a fast hour! And there was...plot! And subplots! And every cast member had something to do! And a lot happened in it! 'Into the Woods' is definitely better than I remember, considering it's been at least a year since I've seen it.

  • Farscape is one of the best scifi shows, ever. It kicks all kinds of ass. And I'm so ashamed because I tend to leave this one off of my "shows that are a hell of a lot better than Firefly" list. Remember SciFi Channel's "Chain Reaction" extravaganzas? I miss those.

  • Farscape 'The Way They Weren't' from S2 when both Aeryn's and Pilot's less-than-stellar pasts are exposed. No Aeryn! Dont make me cry! Oh, crap! Pilot's helping! WHAAAAAAAAAH! And Zhaan? You're such a bitch. Remind me why I didn't like you, why don't you. D'Argo? Still love you. Rygel? Still love you, too. Chiana? One phrase for you: "Go Nebari! You rock!"

  • Farscape 'Green-Eyed Monster' from S3 is not my favorite episode, but it's still a damn good ride. Hard to top being swallowed by a giant Budong, Talyn making John's life uncomfortable on the ship, and Crais being Crais even with the Talyn torture.

  • I have to move Farscape up, as it waaaaaay up in my Netflix que.

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