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I've done it.

I paid for writercon and for my single occupancy room at the Imperial Palace.

So, yeah, after sneaking up on the idea for a month, I'm going.

So I managed to book membership and room at lunch today. The nice con organizers have my PayPal payment.

Then before I could change my mind, I called the nice Imperial Palace people and made reservations for check in on Thursday, July 29 and check out for Sunday, August 1.

Now I just have to figure out how to book me a flight.

Which should be fun since Boston is basically shut down that weekend because of the Democratic National Convention. ( airport limo while I'm at it...)

Now it is time for me to beg LJ people out there (please see me bat my big brown eyes) to not only keep me from hiding behind a potted plant, but to maybe hang.


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