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Yes, I'm alive...

My desk at work is nothing more than piles of paper. I expect to dig out sometime in 2007.

My week has been overwhelming. Not bad. Just overwhemling.

My weekend? Mom's Birthday.

Worried about the Mali Africander fic. I'm so worried that I got some detail wrong.

Algeria...*sigh*...just Algeria. I feel for all you folks who picked a war zone because, dude, I'm right there with all of you.

Haven't written a damn thing on Algeria because, outside of the insurgents, there just isn't a whole lot out there by way of detail.

I've even got an Algeria plot, but my plan strand Xander and company in the Sahara got shot to hell. It seems like everyone who can dump Xander in the middle of the Sahara is going to do it so I'm stuck with...Algiers.

Algiers is very schizophrenic. Beyond that...I got nothing.

I'm pleased about my shiny new take on the Immortal. It's so WtF that I'm giggling in anticipation.

My demonization of Xander for the Mali story is utterly complete. I'm a little wigged out about the Big Lug right now.

100 pages into Mali, and still no Xander.

Miss. Swithin is shitting her pants at the prospect of seeing this guy.

His reaction when he gets his hands on Miss. Swithin's files is going to be...intresting.

She better be very glad that Xander's gotten a lot more practical in Africa, otherwise she'd be sleeping with the fishes in the Bani River.

I'll resurface on the 19th. Mali will be done and I'll be full steam ahead on Algiers since the two stories are a snuggly pair. Needless to say, it'll be posted in parts.

*sniff* I really want to get back to Water Hold Me Down, but nooooo, I had to sign up for the Africander fic-a-thon.

That's it. No more fic-a-thons.

Well, except for the Remix one. That one I'll do.

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