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*jaw drop* Massive Plagiarism Case *jaw drop*

This is the single biggest case of mass plagiarism I've ever seen.

According to reports, someone going by the name of Spikes Fic or Spikes Baby has been plagiarizing writers, iconners, and vidders for an insanely long time. Even drabbles have been filched and, in one case, a professionally published poem.

At the moment, it appears that Spike-centric writers have been the ones hardest hit by this. Although I have to wonder about anyone filching stories from the better-known Spike writers because, as I pointed out in my helpful instructions on how to plagiarize the smart way, this definitely falls under the "dumb plagiarist's rule."

Please read all of the related posts at stop_plagiarism. It appears the authors and the community is already on the case.

However, I highly recommend following all the links to the plagiarizer (the hell with "alleged" because there are way too many people screaming bloody murder right now...and rightfully so) and nosing around as best you can. As I said, Spike writers appear to be the hardest hit, but a look-round from other quarters of Buffy fandom would not go amiss.

Sadly, I'm at work right now and can't do my own snooping. I will certainly be looking around tonight.

Even if you aren't affected, I do highly recommend following this plagiarism case. It promises to be a most fascinating one, especially given the depth, bredth, and length of time the plagiarist has been active.

Please join me in basking in the batshit. For truly, there are no other words to describe this plagiarizer.

My sympathy goes out to all the writers, iconners, and vidders who've been hit by the perp.

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