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At long last, my computer is fixed. Turned out it was a software clash (which I kinda knew). Reason I thought it was a bad card instead was because I removed drivers for hardware that I didn't actually have and reloaded the wrong driver, as in the drivers for the hardware I didn't have. (Don't ask.)

Anyway, one call to HP later and the right drivers were removed. The computer recognized the plug-n-play pieces, reloaded the proper drivers in short order, and Bob's Yer Uncle. Sort of. For some bizzare reason the computer decided that I needed a username and password.

Unnnnh, not so fast technical support person.

Anyway, fixing my connectivity issues? Took 20 minutes.

Dealing with Windoze gone mad? Took more than an hour. Technical support person was a hardware guy who tried to deal with a software issue before he finally conceeded he knew shit-all about software and passed me off to an actual software support person. *headdesk*

Then, fixing the fall out which involved using MSconfig (yes, I know this trick) to then get the necessary stuff (Firewall, Virus protect) back in my startup after hadware support guy had me shut down almost everything? Another 20 minutes. That was my fun Wednesday night.

Thursday night was the John Kerry meet-up. Don't ask me how, but I think I just got pulled into sneaker canvassing in Cow Hampster (New Hampshire for those of you not in the U.S.) next month or in July *and* I got pulled into getting petitions for an anti-Patriot Act ballot initiative in Massachusetts thanks to a guy involved in just about every ABB (Anybody But Bush) campaign on the planet. *headdesk*

It was an odd collection of people at the meet-up. And fairly large. Note to Kerry campaign: Can we please have the meet-up someplace that isn't a brew haus? Just sayin'. Anyway, there were some Democratic hardliners there, some former Deanmaniacs, some ABB people, some disenfrachised Republicans that are more scared of the neocons and fundamentalists than they are of a Democrat in the White House, and a handful (like me) that vote but have never been involved in a campaign. An interesting group. other news, the next Living History part for the test list has hit something of a snag because I'm trying to keep Charlie's drugs from turning into a crutch (should've thought that through a little more). Luckily, the Deep Space Nine eppy that aired last night actually was very helpful. Why I love Deep Space Nine? I think it's the only Trek that actually has the doctor acting like a doctor (well, a tv doctor anway) and there was an actual discussion about medications and bad side effects as if ol' Dr. Bashir were keeping up on his medical journals. Best of all? The patient died. All Bashir managed to do was keep Bareil alive just long enough to help Kai Winn (Boo!Hiss!) finish her negotiations with the Cardassians. So no Federation-fueled miracles here!

Really, watching the repeats on SpikeTV has rekindled my love of Deep Space Nine to unseemly heights.

That said, I'll be posting some new parts of Living History this weekend.

On another note, I'm half-done with my Faith-Fic-A-Thon and wondering why I can't do 1,000 to 3,000 word stories like everyone else in FanFic land. Ooooooh, no. Of course not. And 'Not Fade Away' has so infected my entry. I'm actually worried about submitting it because I suspect it might be a little too dark. I'm trying to yank it to hopeful, but the damn thing refuses to budge.

Also, *squeeeeeeee* saw dlgood on Millionare. Duuuuuuude, so you claim that was all make-up? I thought you looked perfectly okay. Of course, keep in mind that I'm not what you'd call photogenic. And you actually won Millionare? Dayum. Remind me to never, ever play Trivial Pursuit with ya. Just sayin'. I have to admit, I felt bad for you squished at that little table. You looked like you were trapped between two blondes in a tiny room. Did they stick you in a tiny room back stage? I'm just curious because none of the three of you looked like the accommodations were all that comfy.

Why, yes, I'm jealous. *grins*

Also, I little pimpity pimp pimp:

ludditerobot Has collected all his kwel drabbles here

nwhepcat has her Writer Con auction piece here. I liked it, but for some reason I found it shimmering sad.

booster17 has a sad little story that's a cross between SG1/AtS that got me a little teary. *sigh* Poor Denis.

and last but not least ffutures has added to his latest installment of WW/BtVS/AtS drabbles. This one's a chillin' one.

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