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Punxsutawney Phil sez: Six more weeks of winter...

Bad news from Phil, not that winter has made a whole lot of sense this year.

Meanwhile, I fell asleep on the couch while watching the TAR1 DVD. I lose at life.

The Frats, Lenny, and Karyn do the commentary for the first episode on Disc 1 and now that I've got the players in my head, I wanted to listen to them talk.

Just how much do I adore Kevin & Drew (the frats)? Awesome guys.

I don't feel the hate that most people seem to feel for Team Guido, but I'm only three episodes in. Personally, I think they're pretty good racers and certainly no more annoying than any other competent racing team who's out to win.

The Frats? Much as I adore them, not such great racers.

Frank of Frank & Margaretta is a complete ass, on the other hand. Him I've got the hate for. He's not as bad as Spazzpants Jonathan in TAR6, but Frank is totally getting on my last nerve. The scary thing is, he's actually calmed down since the opening ep and he's still on my last nerve.

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