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To Whom It May Concern in South Dakota:

I'm only sorry I don't live in neighboring state so I can help your women make a running start for the state line.

One thing you can be sure about: I will go out of my way to boycott anything and everything from your fine state.

I may be in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, but if any of you South Dakotan-type females out there have a need to visit another state for a couple of days, feel free to drop me an email.

Yes. I'm pissed. Pissed enough that I can barely speak.

Here's my very short answer on the abortion issue:

I don't care about your discomfort or moral objection with regard to abortion. Unless you've got a uterus, sit down and shut the hell up. Unless you're the one who's pregnant, it ain't your damn business.

Also, hands off my body. It does not belong to you.

I will:

    1) uncross my legs whenever I damn well feel like it; and

    2) will not pump out babies just because you think I should

Anyone out there who doesn't like the above opinion or my offer to help the sisters in South Dakota?


Don't bother arguing with me because you are going to get nowhere with me on that front.

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