liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Nominations? Nominations! Wheeee!

A big thank you to everyone who nominated me for the White Knight Awards.

I'm up for:

Best Overall Author along with nwhepcat, naol, and xanzpet.

Xander in Africa Fic - the 'Mbuna fish' Award for Contrite Spirits.
I admit the nomination in all honesty puzzles me considering the age of the story, the fact that it only touches on Xander in Africa, and that there are better stories both nominated and not nominated in this category. Not complaining, mind. So thank you whoever nominated me. It was a very big surprise.

Best Characterization — the 'Perspective Guy' Award and Crossover - The 'How? What? How' Award for A Gift of Ordinary Magic. Again, these categories have some really, really good choices that people should check out.

Epic Fic (20 chapters or more) for Water Hold Me Down. Only two of us in this category, but I know there's more out there. Hopefully there'll be a few more noms in this one than just me and amejisuto. We can't be the only ones in this category.

Also, a hearty congrats to all the other authors (many of whom happen to be you guys) who've also snagged nominations.

According to whiskyinmind the nominations are open until March 19th. I know there's a lot of good Xander stories out there that still haven't been nominated, so throw some names and stories in the pot. You can't vote for 'em if they haven't been nominated.

Heh. Interesting Xander look. It comes pretty close to what I imagine Xander looks like for Facing the Heart In Darkness.

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