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Conspiracies everywhere...where's the tinfoil hat?

How much do I love ffutures right now?

This is something of a cross between an RP and fanfiction and I am ssssooooo on board because it looks like fun.

He has started a new community group hallucination called sdaleconspiracy in which we as "civilians" who are "not in the know" can posit our pet theories about what happened to Sunnydale on that awful day of May 2003.

You can present yourself as a former town resident, conspiracy buff, tin hat lunatic, interested observer, or (I can only assume) a troll to whip up the community members.

What you can not be is one of the Scoobs, a Watcher, or anyone else "in the know."

Check out the rules here.

As a side note, ffutures has mega experience as an RPG rules writer, as you can see here and I always read his posts about his work on this front.

So this one promises to be tons of fun and we don't even have to bother with tagging. We can go and post away about our fondest conspiracy theories about Sunnydale.

On another pimping front:

jpublic is soliciting A List of Things Xander Is No Longer Allowed to Do. Go. Read what it's based on (he links in his post). Read the other rules. And don't forget to leave a few of your own.

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