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I seriously cannot concentrate tonight.

Short-attention span theater girl, that's me.

I've been hacking away at Part 28, and I think a big part of my problem is that I'm not keeping it simple like I should. (Duh!) I've been staring at this mess for four days and it's not resolving into anything resembling coherency.

I wonder if my issue is that I've just radically changed my schedule to accommodate hitting the gym after work. Let's hear it for flex time! If I can keep up the 7-to-4 schedule all week, I'm going to ask to make it permanent. Besides, in exchange for getting up an hour earlier, I'm getting home something like a half-hour earlier than I used to (at least going by today).

The thing is, I'm one of those people that need cardiovascular exercise. Changing my eating habits (which aren't bad to begin with) doesn't do shit for me. Thanks to genetics, I can eat rabbit food from now until doomsday and if there's no exercising, I will just about manage to maintain. Bleh. Some people just need to cut back on the soda (lucky bastards) to drop 10 pounds. Me? I don't even drink soda more than once every other month.

See, back before I tore my ACL in my knee, I exercised a lot. I had taken up running and dropped quite a bit of weight and everything. I'm not someone who'll ever be skinny (some of us have hips and tits even when you can count our ribs), but I can certainly do a size 8 hourglass.

The sad thing is: I didn't even tear it running. I tore it out because I stepped into a pothole. No lie. The second I heard surgery, I basically told the osteo, "In your dreams, pal." Plus, my health insurance was on the verge of lapsing because I was unemployed at the time, so it wasn't like I could even pay for the procedure.

I tore the ACL something like five years ago. It took three years to get to a point where I could to flex it without the threat of my knee giving out. Then it took abother year for me to be able walk without the threat of it giving out. Glucosamine/Chondroitin Complex has helped tremendously in the past year with the whole chronic pain thing. Now my knee actually feels like a knee.

Naturally, I ate like I was still working out. *rolls eyes* We all know how well that works. So I altered how I ate. Not much help on the dropping weight front, but at least I didn't gain.

Anyway, I've been trying to change my schedule to get up at 5 ayem or so to go to the gym before work. I used to do this on a regular basis. However, these days I can't break through the 6 ayem wall, which means too late to hit the gym before going to work. Roll over, fall asleep, sleep till 8.

Yeah, not going to happen when you have to be to work by 9 and don't leave until 6.

Anyway, since my company is cool about flex time, I decided to try get up at 6 ayem, be to work by 7-ish, and then go exercise after work.

So, this weekend, I was up at 6-ish to "train" for today. End result? "Running" using the elipicals three days in a row for 50 minutes each session for a total of 11 miles so far and I feel better than I have since I last exercised on a regular basis.

Bonus, I'm actually home earlier than my previous schedule.

I figure I'll spend a month getting the cardiovascular system back up to snuff and then add weights.

Small problem: My body is now trying to play catch-up and I'm crawling into bed a wee bit on the early side, so gym time has cut into my writing time a little. Not a problem, usually. Until you get a fluffy-bunny-scatterbrained-night like tonight when you can barely stay in your seat. *bleh*

On a postive note, after three days the clothes are already fitting better. So, yay me!

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