liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

FYI: Walk with Heroes Awards

I just saw a notice that voting has started for the Walk With Heroes awards.

There is a very impressive Xander category there (it's nice to see Xander get his props somewhere).

The nominees in that category are:

Seeing Africa by huzzlewhat
The Weary World Rejoicing by annakovsky
Whisper by liz_marcs or ME!
The Loving Dead by wiseacress
Hunters, Heroes, and Heavy Metal by IceWing
Acid Test by Yahtzee
A Second Chance by Keith Collins
Comfortador by musesfool aka Victoria P.

WHOAH! Wait a sec! I thought for sure nwhepcat was nominated in this category! re-checks list Wait! I know I did see a story there! Umm, but nothing on the final nominees voting list.

Either way, still tough competition for all of us. I already know Whisper is heavily handicapped by its novel-like length.

So, go and vote already. I've provided links to the Web sites and and LJ journals. The site has links to the original stories. There's a few good ones in the other nominees.

Luck everyone!

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