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Hunh. I've got a Web page...

Sort of.

I got news today that I'm one of the lucky users of a brand-spakin' new Google Web site. So, instead of going to bed nice and early like I planned (long hours at work today...), or cleaning up the next part of my Africander piece, I decided to play with it "a little."

Two hours later...

Not in love with the interface, but for my purposes it works.

So, ta-da!


There's only one story up, Mars Rising, since it was short enough for my purposes to see how Google's WYSIWYG editor works. It's a bit of a pain, but better than coding by hand and better than actually paying for space.

It's a little spartan, but it's easy to read, at least. *grins*

ETA: Anyone wanting to sign up for their own Google Page can click here.

You won't get your page right away. All this link does is allow you to get on a waiting list. I had to wait about 6 weeks or so before mine came through.

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