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Updated: Oglala Sioux — Planned Parenthood Situation

Just an FYI since I feel obligated to keep to the facts:

kathrynt has posted an update and a slight disclaimer regarding the Oglala Sioux situation here.

In truth, I was rather thinking this myself and had planned to send an email today to one of the reservation addresses provided by kathrynt to make sure this was on the up-and-up and just how firm the plan was to approach Planned Parenthood for a clinic.

Thankfully, tezliana did me one better and contacted the regional Planned Parenthood office. As it stands right now, there are no talks with the Oglala Sioux reservation to build a Planned Parenthood clinic. However, that situation could change very quickly. Check the information here.

Since I don't get paid until the 1st anyway, I will probably email both the Oglala Sioux and the regional Planned Parenthood organization to get an update early next week.

Please keep in mind: I am not accusing either the Oglala Sioux governing council or President Cecilia Fire Thunder of fraud, nor am I claiming they are not honest people. However, I'd rather be sure my donation actually went where it was supposed to.

I'll post my responses here after emailing both the Oglala Sioux and the regional Planned Parenthood next week.

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