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'M not ded...

Gah..the past two weeks have been...looooong hours at work.

My brain hurts. I don't even think I've looked at anything at all online that wasn't work-related.

First, An Awesome Website
Ooooo, pretty!

A livecam on bald eagles sitting on a nest (IE only; Firefox doesn't work).

AWESOME! It's actually kind of cool to watch. I had it on full screen mode for a few minutes and it's an awesome screen-saverish kind of thing.

Go check it out.

Now, this next part may be offensive to the religiously inclined on my FList, but I'm truly pissed off about this sham. I was on a tight deadline today that required me to do some research on the qualifications of pediatricians.

Enter the American College of Pediatricians...who made my day that much longer than it needed to be.

Grrrrr...I'm Annoyed

Anyway, today I was hunting around for information on pediatricians (for work, people. sheesh!). So, because all specialists in the U.S. have an American College of [Insert Medical Specialty Here] Website. These Websites tend to be official-ish and connected to the licensing and certification boards that physicians have to join if they want to be playas in their field.

So, I look guessed it...American College of Pediatricians Website.

Now, a lot of these Websites are tough to navigate because part of them are dedicated to patients and patient information, part of them have protected content that's closed off to nonmembers, and part of it is technical mumbo jumbo that the vast majority of non-physicians don't really need.

So, I'm clicking around doing my research and as I'm paging through, I realize that some of this information if you get what I'm saying. Let's just say this site had an *ahem* very specific point of view.

Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of the "American College of [Insert Medical Specialty Here]" Websites do some advocacy things, but generally they keep it in a clearly marked section of the Web site. That way, patients and potential patients swinging through the site don't confuse the legit medical information and links with what's essentially political action on behalf of the physician membership.

The American College of Pediatricians? Not so much.

Lead story on the home page: An article supporting the (U.S. federal) Family Marriage Amendment that would, essentially, make Equal Marriage illegal in the U.S.

Me: Whaaaaaaa?

Clicking on the mission statements and visions statements now...

Me: Hunh? What the hell with the sanctity of marriage and the stress on one woman/one man? Isn't that going to alienate gay parents? Or single parents? Or parents who don't have a problem with gay parents and single parents?

Clicking on the Core Values statement now...

Me: This doesn't sound like anything resembling what an American College of [Insert Medical Specialty Here] would put out. What's with this 'abstinence only' wording for sex education?

Clicking on the links now...


All the links, every single one of them, link to hard-core Christian, Fundamentalist, Evangelical organizations, many of which have zero to do with healthcare for children.

A lot link right to...Focus on the Family.

Me: Smash...kill...smash...kill

I'm tooling around looking for qualifications on how to be a pediatric doctor. Going to an American College of [Insert Medical Specialty Here] is a surefire way to find out. I've never seen a case where it wasn't a surefire way to find out that kind of information.

Yeeeeet...we apparantly can't do that with pediatricians because it appears to be a front for Focus on the Family.

*stomp snarl growl*

Yet, not one word on the entire frigging site that this is a predominantly Christian fellowship of some sort, no word on the site (outside of the oodles of links) indicating its cozy relationship with the icky Focus on the Family, and zero, I mean zero links to anything official or even official-ish for pediatricians.

Aaaaaaand when you enter pediatricians in Google, this site is the number one link you get.


By the way, the American Academy of Pediatrics is the actual "official" Web site for pediatricians, in case you're wondering.

Please look at the two homepages. I'm sure you can see the biiiiiiig difference between the two.

Now, excuse me. I need to go hit something.

Blatant liars annoy the piss out of me, especially when they've fucked up my RL workday to the tune of lost time that translated into a longer day.

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