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Still Not Ded...

Okay, can someone put the brakes on my life? Just a little? Because daaaaaanng...

Oh, and will the Universe, which has decided to attach a vacuum cleaner to my Visa card (car, new glasses, better contact lenses, medz, birthdays, Hallmark Holidays...) STOP IT!


Where was I?

In search of some amusement, I've got a couple of cool recs:

First up:

Benevolent Sibling (BSG Crack!Fic) by fahye_fic.
I forget where I found the link but...daaaaaaamn, this is funny as all hell. Set directly after 'Final Cut.' The concept? D’Anna's left a lot of hidden cameras around the Galactica. The Human-Like Cylons are now addicted to watching life on the small screen. HIIII-Larious! Expect to laugh out loud.

I somehow got sucked into Buffy Season 8 over on BuffyWorld.
I was checking something canon-ish and took a left turn into it, to be honest, so this came as a complete surprise. God knows why, but it's difficult as all hell to find a Buffy virtual season that even bothers to include Xander, let alone treat him as something just a little bit better than the asshole in the background.

So, YAY! This one treats Xander right! And my Faith/Xander shipper peeps might want to check it out. No shipping, per se, but there's definitely a friendship arc that starts with not-so-open hostility, culminates in pyramid of nasty in The Wasteland, and then takes a turn for friendship. I don't know if this virtual season is still active (last fic was posted in October), but what's there is a rather enjoyable read.

Also, The Best Fic-A-Thon Evah! has reared its head.
Sadly, given the way my life is going right now, I sooooo don't have time to do this. Some of you freaks fabulously funny people might be interested in hearing about this. It's the Snakes on a Motherf*cking Plane Multi-Fandom Challenge. Imagine it: your favorite characters from your favorite fandom in the Samuel L. Jackson role (or perhaps playing SLJ's sidekick) as they wrestle with SNAKES ON A PLANE!

Finally, before I forget, the PYGS Multifandom Fanfiction Group now has an LJ Outpost on pygs_lj.
Like the PYGS group, the rules are beyond loose. Open to all fandoms, all pairing and pairing types, etc. Look, just read the rools, okay? Please join, because the more the merrier. It's no fun without you.

Now, I have to dive back into the massive workload on my desk and hope like hell that my after-market warranty is going to pay for the repairs on my car.

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