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(Un)Happy Tax Day, My Fellow Yanks!

Unless you're like me and live in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

Our Tax Day is tomorrow, thanks to Patriot's Day, the day we all celebrate The Boston Marathon, wherein a citizen of a West African nation will take home the 1st place finish.

[ETA: The winners of the Boston Marathon are: two citizens of Kenya (men and women), one citizen of South Africa (men's wheelchair), and one citizen of Switzerland (women's wheelchair).]

Just kidding.

It's the day we celebrate The Shot Heard 'Round the World (or at the very least, in Lexington and Concord). I guess this is The Evil Empire's way of saying, "Hey, thanks for picking a fight and kick startin' that ol' Revolution thing-y. To repay you, you get one day's reprieve from coughing up the taxes."

To soothe the sting of the tax bill (and it appears that many people on my FList are like me and owe an insane amount of money to The Evil Empire for no reason I can see, other than the fact we're not stinking rich or a corporate entity), please check out Fuck Tax Day.

From the title, you can certainly tell it's Not Work Safe language, but I did get an evil giggle out of it. The links are especially nice.

In other news...

In fixing up some pieces of the next part of Facing the Heart in Darkness, I managed to really screw it up. It's been slightly delayed on a account of stupidity with the delete and paste actions, accidental importation of items that have been cut, and sudden realization of a jump cut in the scene I was about to post (no shit! managed to do it using text. i am officially the king of the dolts.), so it's going to be a little bit while I figure out what the hell I did to myself.

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