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Oooooh, boy.

I'm an ex-Catholic, but even I'm a little worried about my Psalm Challenge. It's almost done. Just needs a few middle sections and a clean up, but I know there are some Catholics on my Flist, so I was wondering if one of you might be willing to beta this puppy for me. Oh, and an Episcopalian too, if it's not too much to ask.

It should be ready for beady eyes by this weekend. Once done, I'm sending it off to musesfool for her Psalm challenge.

FYI, it dovetails just slighty with that Homicide/BtVS cross I've been picking at. It actually happens before Faith and Xander meet up with Bayliss, so there's no giving anything away there.

Good thing there's are slash and writing sex workshops at writercon. There's some slash imagery (no actually slash) from Bayliss in the cross I'm picking at and I'm not entirely sure how to write it. And no, I'm not 100% sure reading slash stories (I've read them) is going to help, especially since at least one scene is a little brutal.

Speaking of writercon, I'm officially on two panels, both on Sunday.

Me along with nwhepcat and nine others are going to be part of the Writer's Salon workshop. Right now it looks like they'll be breaking down the larger Sunday morning group into sections. I'm tentatively planning on a "how to develop a plot" workshop with brainstorming for people who want to talk about turning an idea into a plot plan or how to deal when a plot takes a left Cleveland. I'm secretly calling it: "Write yourself out of this, genius."

Sunday afternoon I'm part of the Writer's Block workshop. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but I remember when I taught writing for a summer at my local Community College, one thing I had people do was write for 10 minutes about anything they wanted. I told them not to think, just start writing whatever popped into their heads and to not lift the pen once during that ten minutes and to not stop writing for 10 minutes.

You'd be shocked what people came up with. *grins* And all of them were able to turn it into a "letter" to a friend by only tweaking the order of the sentences and the grammar. It turned out to be a pretty popular feature. Considering the Writer's Block workshop is so short, I doubt something like that will happen. More information as I get it.

*No, really. I'm shy. Very shy. I swear by all that's holy.*

Something tells me that no one's gonna believe me now.

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