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Africander Fic: Facing the Heart In Darkness; Part 36/?

Ahhhh, they let me out of work early today for a half-day. I crawled home and fell asleep. Then I woke up and decided to post the next part.

After I post here, I plan to crawl back into bed.

Anyway, hopefully my schedule will even out a little bit before the chaos that will take over my life at the beginning of May. Oh, goody. A few days' respite. *headdesk*

Anyway, I'll try hang on to wakefulness long enough to finish answering comments from the last part, but you might have to wait until tomorrow. I'm fadding a little fast right now. Also, I apologize if my responses to those of you I did respond to last night sounded off. I blame exhaustion for robbing me of the ability to form words in anything resembling a coherent manner. I'm usually a less weird about my responses to FB. 


I'm sorry if I made anyone feel uncomfortable. 

For the Scatterlings and Orphanages Africander Fiction Challenge by ludditerobot.

For all previous parts, go here.

Continued from Part 35.

“I know you don’t think this right now,” Mr. Harris said in a reassuring voice, “but you really did make the right choice.”

Needless to say, I was far less sure on that point. As Mr. Harris began to close the meeting, I felt my eyes once again drawn to the Dogon mask. My desperate imagination tormented me as I considered its feral expression. For a brief moment, I thought sure that its jaws were on the verge of opening to swallow me whole.

Tags: character: ensemble, character: oc, character: xander, fanfiction: 2006, fanfiction: buffy the vampire slayer, fanfiction: facing the heart in darkness, fanfiction: fic-a-thon

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