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Things that make you go, "Hunh?"

I'm a little relieved. I thought there was something wrong with my computer at home (software settings, whatever) that was causing problems with me connecting to LJ. Just posting a reply would take something like 10 tries. Posting to my journal took at least three. Turns out in the last upgrade something went on at the LJ end that caused clashes with those of us who had Norton Firewall. *eeeep* So now that they’ve fixed it, a much happier experience all around.

I've been writing like a demon at work. Between Crohn's disease, high cholesterol, and general anatomy and physiology I've been pretty much brain dead.

Anyway, due to my brain dead nature, the other night I decided to try one of those "ego searches," you know, see where my name pops up.

*stunned silence* o_O

You know? The Internet really does have a pretty freakin' long memory. Hard to believe I've been online for longer than 10 years. When I first hit the Internet, there was no World Wide Web, Usenet was all the rage, and AOL had less than 500,000 people using it. Windows 3.1 was the operating system most of us used and Word wasn't even bundled in with Office.

And maaaaaan, they are right. Never write something in public that you won't be able to live with long after you've forgotten you've written it., really old fanfic by moi. The funny thing is that I stopped for a looooong time before being inspired to write BtVS fanfic. Roughly five years at a guess.

Here's some blasts from the pasts:

Britcomedy Digest (these are nonfiction)
It doesn't exist any more that I can tell, but it used to be on the old

Nodding Acquaintances Only: Red Dwarf: The Last Human
A book review for one of the Red Dwarf novels by the same name. It wasn't a kind review.

Afraid to Offend
Snobby article comparing the British Comedies to American Comedies.

Listy and Rimsy: The Odd Couple
Analysis of why S6 felt wrong...and why the Odd Couple relationship between Lister and Rimmer is desperately needed. Personally, I think it's almost prescient, considering what happened with lack of Rimmer in S7 and the return of a Rimmer in S8.


Battlestar Galactica (original series)/Red Dwarf Crossover
Battlestar Red
Da Boyz meet Our Heroes. Chaos insues. This was actually co-written with the fabulous Michele Martin. We remain pretty good friends and chat by phone at least every other week. Probably the longest story I had ever written or co-written before Whisper. To be honest, we both had jobs we hated and this was a really good way to avoid work. And you've definitely got to read the reviews we made up here

Battlestar Galactica (original series)/Absolutely Fabulous
Our Heroes meet Patsy and Edina. Very short.

Battlestar Galactica (original series)/Star Trek: Next Generation
Q O’Lights
Extremely short. Nonsense that pops in your head thanks to funny casting. John de Lancie really was in the BSG episode ‘Experiment in Terra’ and he really did play one of the guys who got stunned by Starbuck.

Forever Knight
VQ: Vampire Quarterly, for the Vampire with Discriminating Tastes
A very strange comic story where Nick Knight finds himself part of Janette's magazine layout.

Red Dwarf
The Twilight Zone of Red Dwarf
I must've been drinking something when I wrote this. A series of Twilight Zone openers and enders for every episode in S5, which I still call The Twilight Zone season.

Battlestar Galactica (original series)

Online Fanfic

Alternative Galactica 1980
In a universe where there's the IFB, a bored audience, and nothing to watch of the tube, Our Heroes learn the meaning of the word "viewer rage." Script format, would you believe?

Chance Meetings
Literally my favorite BSG fanfic that was written by me. Takes place before the Destruction. Told completely from the point of view of Cassiopea. She meets a stranger on a space station shortly after hearing about Cain's death. Readers might thing the stranger is vaguely familiar. One word of warning: Knowing the whole series helps.

Guilty Little Secret
My second favorite BSG story written by me. I also think it was the last fanfic piece (1997) that I wrote before my first Buffy fanfic piece, Revelations (2002). The scary thing is that this story probably applies to all fandoms. This one is Starbuck-centric. He's got a Guilty Little Secret, and it has to do with his favorite television show when he was a kid. The really weird thing is, this puppy actually got props relatively recently. It just doesn't die. Oh, and you don't have to be at all familiar with BSG to read it.

Omega's Bit
A short one-shot of how Omega just doesn't get his props with the ladies...

Starbuck's Coffee
Starbuck has a get-rich-quick scheme. It goes up in smoke. The usual. Script format again.

Offline Fanfic

Not surprisingly, my main focus character wasn't the one that everyone wrote about: i.e., Starbuck. I tended to focus on Cassiopea. (Go Cassie!) Hell, as one of the founders of the original BSG list (now on Yahoo Groups!), I was pretty much the head of the Cassie "faction" back when fan factions were more for fun as opposed to warfare like today.

Night of the 1,000 Broken Chairs (A Hidden Tale of the Galactica Fleet)
Not online anywhere that I can see, but an ad for the fanzine it was published in can be found here. I forgot that I had written this, believe it or not. What's even funnier is that the roots of Living History are right here.

The basic storyline is an older relative tells a young girl the story behind the story of what really happened in the most impressive riot to happen on the Rising Star. A ship-wide fight that was improbably caused by Cassiopea.

The date on this puppy? 1994. Probably my first fanfiction ever. I should see if I can dig this out from somewhere and transcribe it so people can point and laugh.

Tales from the Round Table
Also not published online anywhere, but definitely in the same fanzine that published Night of.... The idea is we all had to come up with original characters that describe what happened the night the Cylons destroyed the Colonies. Because I'm a weird duck, my two original characters were Council Security people. Heh.


Battlestar Galactica Drinking Game (or Picking Nits in the Fleet
Heh. Heh. Heh. Forgot I wrote this one, too. Actually, I can't take all the credit. I wrote it with the fabulous Michele Martin (we're actually good friends and chat on the phone quite a lot) and Eugenia Horne (lost...haven't heard from her in ages...anyone ever heard of her?) This is actually in a few different places on the 'Net.

101 Reasons to Hate Galactica 1980
A list that’s a little less long than 101 Reasons, but it’s long enough.

Musing: Can the Colonists take the Cylons to court?
A very strange discussion that devolved into something fan-ficcy about whether the Colonists could sue the Cylons for damages if they ever came across a race of intergalactic lawyers. No. I was being serious. Oddly enough, I once thought of doing an Ally McBeal cross with Buffy (without Ally, but with Cage and Fish) where the Scoobs take the First Evil to court for damages, pain, and suffering. I guess this is the root of that idea.

Episode Analysis of 'The Man with Nine Lives'
Fairly lengthy. Really only for the fangurl or fanboy. Very wonky. Definitely wanky.

Quotes About Battlestar Galactica From Starlog With Commentary by Lizbeth Marcs
Yes, I'm a sad little fangurl, why do you ask?

Feel free to click, read, point, and laugh. I felt like taking a red pen to some of this stuff.

The funny thing is, I came across a bazillion postings I did on rec.arts.sf-tv (Usenet for you young ‘uns). The most notable one was a running flamewar myself and a few others got into with a “David Shao” that spanned months. Pretty much focused on BSG, but seemed to branch out from there into philosophy of storytelling, what makes a show pessimistic vs. optimistic, etc. At the time it was annoying, but looking back it’s kind of a fun read.

Hey, anyone know this guy David Shao? We’d probably get along in real life.

The above list is pretty much new/old stuff. Doesn’t get into the bazillion other links I found on “Lizbeth Marcs” and various iterations of my identity.

Did I mention the Internet has a very, very, very, very, very long memory?

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