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Brother, can you spare a sec to help a boy with his science fair project? (Pimping a poll.)

H/T to ponders_life.

szandara's son is doing a survey on how different age groups use the Internet over at his brand-spankin' new LJ son_of_a_mother. It's part of his science fair project. He's testing the hypothesis that different age groups interact with the Internet in different ways.

This is a very timely science fair project given the current U.S. national fight over net neutrality that could potentially close off large swarths of the Web and Internet to the average U.S. citizen.

PublicKnowlege has an excellent flash animation that succinctly explains the issue and what we all stand to lose if the telecoms begin reserving the right to wall off their section of the Internet here.

It's an issue that's got the most right-wing and left-wing blogs out there actually working together to stop the attempt. Nothing like a common enemy to bring people together, says I.

Go and fill out son_of_a_mother's LJ survey and help a kid with his science project today. A few moments of your time could result in big karma.

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