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"No News Today"

The Independent Online has announced that there's "No News Today..."

Except for the part where 6,500 Africans died today of a preventable and treatable disease.

Check out The (Red) Indepednent today for some eye-opening and amazing articles on the African HIV/AIDS crisis.

ETA: What the hell is up with LJ's posting interface? It's now all RTF format all the time? The hell? If I want to handcode, I have to go into source. This sucks. jebbypal told me what was what and my issue is fixed now. When LJ decides to do weird things like change our defaults to whatever we used last, it would be nice if they gave us just a leeeetle bit of warning.

ETA2: Sorry about the silence. There is slammage at work yesterday and today. I hope to have my life back tomorrow.

ETA3: I'm pretty sure that "a river runs through it" should not be applying to the Mass Pike. Just sayin'.

ETA4: Here's a map of the flooding in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, if you're curious about just how wet we are.

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