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Sometimes I Should Not Think

I think I got hit with that stomach thing going around the office. *bleh* I've been feeling miserable at the thought of food all day. And reacting miserably when I try to eat. I couldn't even get out of my house this a.m. and had to call in sick. 


Then there's the bizarre issue of Sharper Than a Knife, which I detailed here, as a possible follow-up to No Myth

I should've known better than to post anything about it, especially since I've had a sneaking suspicion for awhile that the idea would collapse under its own weight before I got to determined about writing it.

What sucks is that I could probably pull off Sharper Than a Knife fairly easily, since it would have been somewhat on the order of Living History and Water Hold Me Down. By contrast, the (tentatively titled) Dancing Behind the Spider Gates would be a hell of a lot harder. To make it work, the story would have to be about the size of Whisper, but not much longer than that.

The good news is that it has been replaced by something almost completely Xander- and Faith-centric. It'd more challenging to write on several fronts for several reasons, which I think is the source of the attraction. 

There'd be no ensemble for me to fall back on, just the two of them working together in isolation. The situation they find themseles in is going to give rise to some very tricky subjects and situations that's going to require a hell of a lot of fancy typing on my part. 

Part of it is that the whole "trust issue" between them has to finally be put to the test under extreme stress. One thing to trust each other in the day-to-day, another thing to do it when they're both in over their heads.

And finally, I'm familiar with the location and the strange dark legends behind where the story sends them. So I have to watch the "too much local color" issue that has cropped up at different points in Facing the Heart in Darkness.

[Note: I don't believe any of the legends, by the way. Me and a friend once found this place after some pretty determined searching. I sure as hell didn't see anything out of the ordinary. My friend pretty much freaked from the get-go and swore for years afterwords that she really did see creeptastic things while I wandered around. But then again, she was always pretty suggestible about things like this.]

It doesn't help that I already sketched out the entire story, from A-to-Z in a feverish burst the other day. The plot is fairly simple and the potential for complications is precisely zero because it is so straightforward. 

Pulling it off, on the other hand, is going to be a bitch. Like I said, the situation they're stuck with is one they can't fix. They do everything right on the research and sharing information front. There's a few trip-ups, but by and large they deal competently with the situation. The problem is they can't actually win against what they're faced with. 

So, yeah, the ending, while hopeful, is weighed down by this massive failure of theirs, even though their failure has absolutely shit-all to do with them and everything to do with the fact that the deck was stacked a mile high against them before they ever got near the situation.

It'll be...interesting...but a story that leans toward the dark end for me.

Like I said: challenge.

For people who are wondering, the order of the Whisperverse stories goes something like this:

Living History

Water Hold Me Down (WiP, restarting by June 15)
No Myth (WiP)
The History of Humor in the 20th Century
Dacing Behind the Spider Gates (tentative, but looking less so by the day)

Oh, for people wonder about Africander, I'll be posting the next part in a little bit. Heading into the home stretch now on this one. (Yay!) And yes, I promise that the Gao situation and Xander's desperate (and I do mean desperate) plan gets tied up in a neat little bow. In addition, there's some light shed on the Sunnydale situation.

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