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Random musings...with PowerPoint trauma

I'm in the serious mood for some Dark!Xander fics because they're thin on the ground these days. I blame this craving on the fact that I'm in PowerPoint hell at work right now.

I'm seriously thinking of holding an open-ended Dark!Xander fic-a-thon. No sign ups or assignments or anything. Just people volunteering to write something, a deadline, and two months to do it in.

I'm tempted to set December 8 (nwhepcat's fanon birthday for Xander...which just also happens to be my RL birthday) as the big day, but I don't know how that may track for people or whether it'd be convenient for them.

Yeah, sure, it would mean delayed gratification for me, but good Dark!Xander fics are one of my hardcore kinks. I can only read The Ballad of Charles Whitman and stories on my Dark Xander Recs List so many times. So, yeah, I'm willing to wait.

Let me know what you think of the timing or the idea.

If you've got suggestions, let me know.

Do not send me a PowerPoint presentation with your suggestions. Do that, and I will find you wherever you live. Then, first you will feel pain, then you will feel fear, and then you will die. Just sayin'.


Because it can't be said enough, PowerPoint is evil. Dealing with PowerPoint for a week is hell. I wonder what I did wrong this time because this is me in RL.

Fuck PowerPoint.


I love ponderslife. She sent me zipped goodies (read: MP3s of Breed 77) that aren't just rockin', but make working in PowerPoint bearable for at least 5 minutes.


I really, really, really was just throwing shit up on the screen when I was racing the deadline (HAH!) for Facing the Heart in Darkness.

Can anyone translate what this means: "QKdaid a daid."

Yeah, me neither.

Also, leaving myself a bunch of notes to double-check town names in Uganda and districts in Kenya and the population of Quakers in Kenya is not helpful. Links, stupid. Please leave yourself links when you do something like that so you can go back and retrace your flippin' research.

I can be such a dumbass.

I blame PowerPoint.


When trying to get RL shit done, do not, do not, do not visit bad_penny and read the jaw-dropping accounts of constantine in Harry Potter fandom. Do not click on the multitude of links. Do not read the 10-part (not counting addendum) investigative piece with astonishment. I'm not even involved with Harry Potter fandom, and I found it gripping.

It's a sign that my attention is wandering too much.

In case you're wondering, yes, I blame PowerPoint for this, too.


LJ seems hell-bent on proving the maxum that human beings cease to exist when they're older than 20. If I wanted to be on MySpace or Xanga, I'd be on MySpace or Xanga. And Vox — which they're marketing as some sort of MySpace to the Over-20 crowd — is fucking ugly.

Fuck SixApart.

That's why I'm posting this:

At least the graphic isn't PowerPoint.


insomnia has some veeeeery interesting theories about the LJ/SixApart fiasco we're seeing played out, complete with some historical links, in this post.

He also has links to the petition. You can read about its purpose here, but don't try to reply on this post (it's full).

And insomnia manages to get the down-and-dirty info across to the rest of us without PowerPoint. Amazing.


I'm joining the crusade to remind SixApart that they'd be pretty shocked by their customers' stats.

Like quite a few people on my FList, I've added LJ not Vox to my interests. 76 people and growing share this interest. Add your name to the list if you want to stress your dislike for moving over to Vox.

I've also edited my profile to add the year of my birth so my age can be counted in their official stats. If you don't want to reveal your exact age on line, do the following:

  • Go to "edit profile"
  • Add your birth year to your birthdate
  • If you wish to hide your age, click the clicky box above to hide your birthday from public view

Your real age will now be included in the LJ stats.

See? I can so write instructions without using PowerPoint.

Fuck PowerPoint. Seriously. Fuck it.


At least they listened to some complaints about that fugly UserInfo proposal. I have to admit that I like the new UserInfo interface designed by grrliz.

Here's what mine would look like.

I actually like this interface. It's relatively clean.

Unlike using PowerPoint. Feel my PowerPoint hate. Can you feel it burning now? How about now?


Who knew Kenya had so many Quakers? More Quakers live in Kenya than anywhere else in the world.

Who knew?

I hope no on wants me to put together a PowerPoint on the stats of the Quaker population worldwide, although the way my life is going, it wouldn't shock me.

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