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Now With a GreatestJournal Back-Up Blog

Like a couple of of you, I've created a shadow blog on Greatest Journal.

Let me just stress: My main Journal is remaining here on LJ. I am basically backing up my LJ entries to GreatestJournal since I don't trust SixApart as far as I can throw them.

Since GreatestJournal uses the exact same encoding as LJ, and since it is completely, 100% free of charge, it's nothing for me to basically cut-n-paste my entries — as well as memories I want to keep — from here to there.

I know quite a few people are starting to do it. If you have GreatestJournal account, you can clink on the link below to friend me on GreatestJournal:

Scibblings by Lizbeth on Greatest Journal

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