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This is my week...

The Multi-Fandom Character Mini-Soundtrack Project is still 100% available for downloads. Come and get 'em!

I came home from work today to discover that my pet fish, Zen, was fins-up. I fed him this morning and he was just fine. He was blowing bubbles at me and everything. I have no idea what happened.

George the Amazing Lovebird is looking mighty pleased with himself.

*glares at lovebird*

I think he's celebrating in his little birdy heart that he's outlasted two co-pets.

I finally managed to track down the source of this cool icon the other day and got permission to snag it for me.

Liberty-Justice is my OTP 4eva!

Yes, like everyone else I've been staring in horror at the latest from the Middle East. This right on the heels of bombing on the Mumbai railines in India and the most deadly days to happen in Iraq.

It's gotten so that I fear turning on the news.

Ignorance. Ignorance seems really good course of action just about now.

I sadly don't know nearly enough about the Middle East to figure out what's what, since I don't automatically call Israel the White Hats and the Palestinians the Black Hats. That situation is waaaaaay too complicated for the lines to be that neatly divided.

I just want to figure out what the hell happened and when. The problem is the picture's so fuzzy, depending on home country of the media you're looking at, that it seems all a hopeless muddle.

[Side note: For an American to say that is amazing, I know. But I've never entirely figured out why it was in the U.S.'s best interests to be blindly loyal to Israel. Israel is a country just like every other country that pursues its best national interests, including spying on the U.S. It's sort of the same reason why I can't figure out why Blair's U.K. administration seems so blindly loyal to the U.S. Doesn't seem to me to be in the U.K.'s national interest to stick by the U.S. so much. Geopolitics is such a strange, strange thing.]

There appears to be a combination of a overreaction-last straw going on here on all sides in the Middle East. It doesn't help that all sides have been taken over by hardliners that seem hellbent on killing every innocent civilian caught in the middle.

Isn't this how World War II started? The U.S. invading Iraq? Oh, wait. I meant Japan invading China. My bad. It gets all so confusing when history repeats.

I'll be over here practicing my useless "duck-and-cover" routine, 'key?

I have to pimp and celebrate that huzzlewhat wrote a follow-up to Seeing Africa. YAY! You don't have to read Seeing Africa to get Showing Sunnydale. All you need to know is that it's Xander-centric and a classic "Xander is an unreliable narrator" story (I ruv those). For those that need to be warned about such things, the story is completely and totally gen.

I also want to pimp mandylanclast's AU of S6 called Reassembling. The key point of departure? The Scoobs never resurrect Buffy. The changes are interesting and in-character as far as I can see and it's rather good. I've been enjoying it. For those that need to be warned about such things, the story is slash (Spike/Xander; Willow/Tara).

Finally, another story that really has me waiting with baited breath is by a fic writer who wishes to remain an AnonyMouse. They've instead decided to hide behind the nom-de-guerre wtf_is_shame to write an unnamed Xander-centric story that is also shapping up to be an AU of S6. The characterizations are tight, the problem is intriguing, and the writing is top-notch.

The gist of the plot: Buffy is dead and has never been ressurected. Willow and Giles are commatose. The Soobs have been laid low by a demon attack. Tara, Dawn, and Spike are falling apart. Anya is feeling left out by because Xander is running around as the caretaker. Xander decides to make a deal with a demon to fix it all. The price will be agonizing and heartbreaking since it means Xander will get stuck shouldering all the blame and suffering for it.

You can find the story here. Just scroll down to the first entry since the journal is being used to hold just this one fic.

Warning for those of you who need such things: I don't know if this story will remain gen-ish (Xander is with Anya at the beginning of the story, but shipping isn't the focus), or will take a turn for the het or slash. If you don't care one way or the other, you'll be fine. If you do care, you might want to approach with caution.

Part of my silence this week is that I've been yanking together stuff for the writercon library, choosing the story I'm going to read Sunday evening, and preparing for my panels.

Then I spaced on sending information to the appropriate people with respect for what I'm bringing to the writercon library. This was a headdesk moment. I sent the list off tonight (I'm bringing three: Cuckoo in the Nest, the interviews from Living History, and my reading for Sunday, The Missing Bits). Hopefully it'll make it into the catalog.

Then I pulled together my samples for the Ensemble Writing workshop I'm modding. I yanked selections from Facing the Heart in Darkness and Whisper for that panel to pass around.

The tip sheets are set for the panels I'm on. Yay.

Now I've just got to get to a Kinko's to print the monsters up. There's way too much paper involved for me to chance sneaking into the office after-hours to do it.

Also chipped away at Facing the Heart in Darkness. I'll be able to post one part before I leave, but given how busy I'm going to be over the next few days, that's all I'll be able to manage.

I'm so close to the end. Soooooooo close.


When I get back from writercon, I'm mulling a poll for a possible fic-a-thon. But I'll just have to hold off on that for now...

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