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WriterCon Counting Down...and S8 BtVS Comics

Can't sleep.

Part of it is the heat.

The other part is my soopah sekrit late-night mission to an undisclosed location to get the mucho photocopying I needed to get done of my talking points and my samples for the writecon panels I'm on. This mission is now completed and I managed to get all my copies done without resorting to spending cold, hard cash.

I fear the airport weigh-in of my luggage.

Anyway, I've been stressing out about getting everything set before I leave. I'm not an OCD perfectionist control freak. No. Not at all. The fact that I drive a 5-speed manual transmission car because I like having control over my automobile is not at all proof of that. Nope. Nosiree.

The pre-writercon checklist

Now all I've got to do is laundry, packing, and straightening the house before I head off to Atlanta. Yayness!

Looks like I may be the earliest of early birds. I'm wandering into the airport around 1:15 p.m., way ahead of the people who are sharing my ride into Logan International. Damn. I'm gonna probably miss meeting up with one or two writercon people from my area who are also departing Logan, since they'll be on the same flight as ponderslife.

So, on that note, I apologize to anyone who's sent me email in the past week or so. I've been juggling three billion things, not to mention working late at my RL job so I could finish what I needed to do.

On another front, everyone's all a-twitter about the S8 Buffy comics that are coming out end of this year or the beginning of next.

I admit that I'm somewhat ambivalent on this front.

For starters, what happens in the comics is going to have zero impact on anything I write in the fanfic. I consider the comics to be "secondary" canon, if that.

By the same token, I'm a little nervous because like most Xander fans out there, I'm just a little jumpy about what they're going to do to my fave character. On the one hand, I fear that they're going to put a bullet in his brain, metaphorically speaking. I'm kind of hoping that the buttmonkey Xander we saw in Tales of the Vampires from Dark Horse is completely ignored and relegated to the memory hole. If reference is made to it, I'm hoping it turns out that it's a fake Xander or something, if only to explain Buffy's nasty attitude towards Xander when she rescues him and that the real Xander never was anywhere near ol' Drac.

What's a little heartening at least is that at least some fans in the threads about the comic book are hoping for an adult, competent Xander to show up in the S8 books. It seems like there are as many of those people as there are people hoping for a reasonable explanation for 'The Girl in Question' from S5 Angel. Here's hoping that Joss Whedon sees it the same way was the fans.

But like I said, I kind of view the comic books with a healthy dose of caution. Given the shit treatment Xander had for the last two years of the television series, I don't actually have too much hope that the comic books will treat him any better.

*covers eyes*

You guys will tell me if it's good or bad, right? And you'll tell me if you've heard anything good or bad, right?

If it's good, I might even consider spending money on the comics. If it's bad, I'm staying far, far away.

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