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Writer Con Part I

I am alive. No really.

Lesson One: Stay until Monday morning. Leaving on a late-nite Sunday flight means that if it gets delayed, you're looking at a situation where if you stayed that extra night, you would've gotten at least some Zzzzzzzzs. Instead, I got lack of sleep that gets you hopelessly lost at 2 a.m. in a part of Boston that you actually know fairly well when you're awake.

I suppose if the lack of sleep wasn't preceded by three days of lack of sleep (not to mention alcohol), it would have been slightly less of a problem.

writercon was full of awesome, not the least of which I met half my FList, I'm pretty sure.

ponderslife was a most excellent roommate who put up with me stumbling into the room at 4 a.m. several days in a row (I blame bellatemple who's as much of a folklore geek as I am. I feel sorry for gyoro who got kept from beauty sleep as we kept harranging him about this or that weird story or legend we had heard. The poor guy.)

I had a blast being a little social butterfly and meeting everyone. I have you all fooled into thinking I'm a white hat, but little do you know, I've implanted a mutant Martian virus and you are now all my zombie slaves. You will now march forth and conquer the world for me.

*maniacally laughs*

Yes, I'm still catching up on sleep. Why do you ask?

And oooooo, I got three mix CDs from a2zmom (who couldn't be missed because she wore her icon, literally, on her heart), kurukami (he was a member of the Music Geek Club who met sekritly in the bar), and of course nycorson who was armed and dangerous with that CD. WOOOOT!

I gave a lift to ponderslife and dragonydreams, both of whom are practically neighbors. Despite my worst fears, the ride to Logan was insanely easy and smooth. I ended up running into wesleysgirl and hermionesviolin at Logan. Thank heavens for hermionesviolin, because I forgot to pick up the "how to use MARTA" (Atlanta's version of a stripped down T) instructions. I stuck to her and it was all good.

Once the passage to the Holiday Inn was braved, I followed sunnyd_lite and carmen_sandiego off to the Coca-Cola Museum wherein I learned an important lesson: Never, ever, ever let the Canadians near sugar, especially when it's free flowing sugar in liquid form. Then you get aggressively polite Canadians. Heeee!

I have to admit, though: the Barq's Red Cream Soda is a taste of awesome. And I was thrilled to get my hands on some classic Fresca to clean the pallet. I am very sad that Ginger Beer is not readily available.

Of course there was much hanging out the first night that involved a trip to a stakehouse with nwhepcat (Awesome silk scarves! I ended up buying a tigereye necklace that goes perfectly with it), the fabulicious as always autobadgirl, among many others.

I'm fairly certain I'm going to be leaving someone off this list, and I apologize if I do. My brain is still tired.

Aside from the evil doers above, I also want to say it was great meeting all of you.

aadler, who's looking good after his tour in Afganistan

agilesreader who brought icon pins and shared with everyone, not to mention that Utah commonsense

airawyn, who's busy in LA pursuing the professional scriptwriter dream that she started chasing at the last writercon

altyronsmaker, who I think I only got to talk in passing

bastardsnow, who's still the teddy bearest of the bears and is still awesome and who was willing to allow this little Yankee to experience the artery-clogging joys of the Waffle House (here I thought it was made up for a Spander fic)

brandil, it was terrific meeting you (I think you were in that huge discussion we had in the con suite with entrenous88)

chriself, the con momma who deserves a standing ovation for all her work on writercon (if any of you find her Toshiba laptop in your bags, please contact her) — and yes, you've got an excellent point regarding what we talked about so maybe it's time to get off my butt and do something by next writercon...not that there's any pressure for another one

crazydiamondsue, who is a fabulous southwestern belle of a lady with a great laugh

denny_dc, who I think I only met in passing

desoto_hia873, yet another fine representative of invading Canandian forces

entrenous88, who is every bit as evil as I had hoped *cackles* World domination is immanent peoples! (Seriously, I haven't forgotten what we talked about. I'll be so emailing you soon)

irfikos, who learned just how many people read her journal when everyone kept asking her about her neighbor's dog...heeee!

janedavitt, who honestly cracks me up, and is as gracious and as easy going as her LJ personna

bigsciencybrain, aka aeneas_fic, who was part of the Music Geek Club and the Waffle House outing, not to mention an all-around cool person to hang with

kajivar, was also great to meet

ladybug218, it was also good to meet you

lostakasha, I sadly only saw in passing, partly because I ended up hanging with the Music Geek club instead of attending a sex writing panel *hangs head in shame* Look! Music was involved, okay? Priorities, priorities.

lwbush, who I sadly didn't get to hang with as much as I would have liked and positively threw me at first with her new hair color. It took a bit to click who I was looking at as a result. Heh. Sorry about that.

Now my eyes are closing and I swear there'll be a Part II tomorrow.

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