liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

The joy of work...

I've been crawling home feeling exhausted becase...yo...still recovering from writercon, so I apologize for being among the missing (not to mention missing Part II).

To give you an idea how tired I am, I crawled into work today an hour late. Thank god I have bosses that trust me to actually, y'know, work when I'm here. (HAAAA!)

Anyway, just some quick notes. First, something that's made me very sad.

The Cosmic Muffin has passed on. I remember listening to his "astrological weather reports" on WBCN in Boston. He even became the Official State Astologer for the People's Republic of Massachusetts when Gov. William Weld appointed him to the position 13 years ago. We love our coloful characters. Here's the write-up from The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald .

In more sad news Raghda Zaid, aka Baghdad Girl, the 14-year-old Iraqi kitten blogger who posted pictures of cats and occassional snippets about her life in post-invasion Iraq, has fled to the United Arab Emirates with her family because life in Baghdad is too dangerous for her family to stay. Her aunt who lives in Mosul, Iraq explains why the family decided to flee for the safety of the UAE. Last update in Zaid's journal indicates some bit of good news at least: for the first time in her life, she saw a movie in a movie theater.

On an upbeat note, I heard the new pre-release single from John Mayer upcoming album Continuum. 'Waiting on the World to Change ' is liek WoaH!!!1! with the 'People Get Ready' riff that's goin' on. The lyrics are solid and sing-alongable. If what I hear of the rest of the album is this solid, I may just have to invest.

As your cruise director for MP3s in the name of drumming up business for artists with the cool tunes, you just know I wouldn't mention it if I didn't have a download of 'Waiting on the World to Change' ready to go. (Download is up on SaveFile, so it's good for a minimum of 30 days).

Also, in the interests of trying out this YouTube thing-y, I even found a clip of John Mayer trying out the song in concert. Check it out.


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