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PSA: Surviving Extreme Heat Advice from the CDC

We in the Northeast at least got a break today. The weather is actually comfortable (or rather, comfortable compared to the last few days) and somewhat dry, but it's not expected to last.

According to just about everyone who watches the weather professionally, people in the Northeastern U.S. are going to spend the next two days alternately frying in 95-degree (F) to 105-degree (F) heat and trying to avoid getting struck by violent lightening.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has Web page dedicated to surviving extreme heat, including:

  • An Illness Prevention Guide
  • Tips and Tricks for Surviving Hot Weather
  • FAQs
  • Special Information for People At Greater Risk for Developing Heat-Related Illness
  • Heat Stress Resources
  • Safety in Black-out Situations
  • Other Links to Important Information

It's worth the read-over, especially if, like me, you don't own an air conditioner and are relying on fans to cool off your house and Gatorade to prevent dehydration.

*considers sleeping at work for Tuesday and Wednesday night*

Feel free to distribute this link as far and as wide as you can. It's good to get the information out there to as many people as possible who may be affected by the heatwave.

Damn, where the hell is the Montreal Express to cool off the area when you need it?

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