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Soliciting Ideas for a Dark Xander Fic-A-Thon

I've been mulling since before WriterCon about doing this because Dark Xander fics are kind of a hardcore kink of mine. The problem is, there doesn't seem to be a lot of them around these days, unless it's the hardcore Master!Slave fics which, to be honest, squick me out bigtime.

But I miss the old-fashioned Xander's gone "evil/dark/has been led astray/is in a bad place" stories that used to be so much fun to find. I miss some of the interesting twists that used to occur in some of those stories where what you saw was not always what you got when you came up against the closing paragraph.

Plus, with the oppressive heat...and the fact that I need to be pulled out of my foul mood...I've decided to hold a Dark Xander Fic-A-Thon.

So, I've got a vague idea of what I want to do for this, but I'm throwing out some choices to whomever wants to participate.

I'm throwing it open to het, slash, and gen. All pairings or non-pairings are welcome. All stories have to be clearly marked either way (I don't care if it's het, slash, or gen — mark it as such because fair is fair). All genres (AU, all-human, canon, historical fic, crack!fic, humor, etc.) are also welcome.

Obviously, the only rules I've got are clear labeling, clear warnings, and no exploitative Master!Slave fics in which Xander is the master of a canon character or is the slave of a canon character.

I understand that there might be some grey area on the master!slave bit (for example, Xander is under Dru's thrall...or has found a way to control Dru, which isn't quite the same thing that I'm talking about) so if you take it to private email to discuss it with me, I'm willing to be flexible to a certain extent on this.

Other than that, fill out the survey below. I want this to be as much fun as possible for the broadest array of people, so I want the "rules" (such as they are) to be as inclusive as possible.

Also, don't forget to comment if you've got something to say.

Poll #783646 Dark Xander Fic-A-Thon

When is a good month for people to participate? (more than one answer possible)

September 8
October 8
November 8
December 8
Will read, but probably won't write
Sicko! I don't want to know.
Ticky box!

What kind of fic would you like to see included? (more than one answer possible)

Evil Xander (human, demon, it doesn't matter)
Xander with a questionable moral compass (not necessarily evil, just doing things that show that his ol' white hat is a darker shade of grey)
Xander in a lose-lose situation (the sitaution is dark, but he doesn't have to be)
Xander alienated from people — especially people he cares about — in general and it's all his fault
Xander alienated from people — especially people he cares about — in general and it's not his fault
You're a sick chick. Why do you love picking on Xander?
Ticky box! Yay!

List other "dark" Xander scenarios you'd like to include in the "dark" definition for purposes of this fic-a-thon.

What kind of fic-a-thon do you want?

Open: Just set a deadline, and on the big day, people will send links to their story
Traditional: Have participants post a scenio they want to see, have them list what they won't write, and match up requests with writers
Can go either way. Both sound good.
Gah! I can't hear you! La-la-la-la-la.
What? No ticky box? What's with this radial button thing?

Just to make this challenging, what kind of elements do you want to see excluded? Keep in mind, I'm pre-emptively excluding hardcore Slave!Fics, in which Xander owns a canon character as a slave or is a slave to another canon character. However, I also understand that there's grey area. If you have an idea or doubts, contact me privately and we can chat. (more than one answer possible)

No exclusions! Keep the possibilities open (except for that hardcore slave-fic thing-y because, hey, your fic-a-thon)
No character-bashing Xander (which is hilarious considering this a Dark Xander fic-a-thon)
No character-bashing of non-Xander characters
No dead Xander (unless he's a vampire — in which case, he's undead and thus doesn't fall under this category)
You need help. Seriously. Step away from the keyboard...
Ticky boxes rool!

What "version" of Xander should we play with?

Let's do it all! (old skool and future fics)
Post-S7 Xander only (future fics)
Seasons 1-7 Xander only (old skool fics)
I can't watch. I'll be over here in the corner until you regain your senses
I miss the ticky boxes

Should this be limited only to LJ? Or can anyone play?

LJ only people please for ease of linkage and navigation
The more the merrier.
Gah! Still with the Dark Xander!
Damn it! Where's the ticky box?

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