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Dear Evil Brain...

Yes, I know we've been working on the work project from hell since we got back from writercon. Yes, I know we'll be stuck with it for at at least another week. Yes, this means much of our at-home computer time is curtailed because we hates to stare at a computer screen after our day at work.

Yes, we know that we have to plot and plan our Dark Xander Fic-A-Thon entry because it would be pretty weak if we didn't submit something to our own fic-a-thon. It also helps that it hit me the other day that I have a germ of an idea that's been sitting on the ol' hard drive for three years that would perfect for this little caper.

However, I want you to explain something to me...something that's a true WtF in my world.

The original notion (and the original scrap on the hard drive) is from Xander's point of view. It would be tough to pull off, true, if only because you'd have Xander with holes in the ol' memory, which means he'd be fucking clueless about his state of affairs.

[Excuse me while I pause for a Cassie Claire-ish aside and quote Babylon 5: "There is a hole in your mind!"]

Explain to me, O Brain, how the hell Faith wandered into a story designed to have an all-singing, all-dancing, all-new cast of original characters? And what the hell is she doing in Toronto?

I mean, seriously...WtF?

And how did she plop her leather-clad ass in my office chair, and get those Doc Marten-clad feet on top of my desk? And why the hell is she informing me in no uncertain terms that this story belongs to her now?

I'm very sure this is a sign of mental weakness on my part. I do not go for this fluffy-bunny shit of other people's characters "talking" to me, nor do "muses" talk to me, 'kay? Maybe it makes me a weeeeee bit less of an artist and more of a journeyman writer, but I am veeeeeery comfortable in my blue collar writer's groove. You, O Brain, are fucking up my headspace. Stop it.

Is Faith, like, my avatar for the really dark shit when I write fanfic? Because that's the only thing I can figure out because I sure as shit had no plans to include her.

Unfortunately, making Faith the PoV character works better because: 1) the story will be that much shorter; 2) that much less complicated; 3) the mystery that much more interesting.

I hate you brain. I really, really hate you.

No Love,


P.S., To everyone I owe emails and responses, work's been a-kicking my ass, not to mention I want to finish Facing the Heart in Darkness close to the end that it's killing me. I will respond. As soon as RL stops using me as a chew toy, I'll be slightly more responsive.

*trundles off to bed*

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