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MP3 Downloads

Soopah Sekrit to Certain People:

Here's Stairway to Heaven by Dolly Parton available for download. Definitely one of the most awesome covers you'll ever hear. I mean, c'mon. Bluegrass. Gospel choir. Enjoy!

Also, for those of you who are still searching for tunes, I still have many, many MP3 download links that are still live. As in 132 MP3 files' worth.

From the oldest to the youngest:

If I Should Fall from Grace With God by the Pogues is still live and available. Considering this file was uploaded in May and is still being donwloaded which is why it's still live, I can only conclude that you guys must love The Pogues.

Click here for my review and links to download the complete virtual mash-up album American Edit by Dean Grey, as well as a companion review and 5 MP3 downloads from Green Day's American Idiot.

My 10-song EP Upon Hearing About the Death of Sunnydale is also still live and available for download. If you want to skip the fannish notes for the soundtrack, you can just go directly to the project page for the tunes.

Also, all files for my Multi-Fandom Character Mini-Soundtrack Project are still live. That one includes 114 MP3s for 38 characters across 16 different fandoms. Try a few new tunes on for size since they're free and fun.

Finally, there's Waiting for the World to Change by John Myer. This one is well worth the download for its 'People Get Ready' vibe and catchy lyrics.

Please comment if you grab anything. Thanks.

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