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Popping in with a couple of interesting links...

It's a pean to Edward James Olmos, but not for his role as Adama on Battlestar Galactica. The recent remake of Miami Vice has inspired Lance Mannion to recall Olmos's overhwhelming and grounding presence as Lt. Castillo in the televison series.

The RudePundit (as the name implies, most of the language in this blog is not worksafe) has returned to his his hometown roots in New Orleans. Today he kicked off his photo essay series on New Orleans One Year Later. You might recall that almost a year ago he went home for the holidays and documented in excruciating detail with pictures how the entire region is still in dire straights. (Please note that the Katrina-New Orleans links, IS WORKSAFE.)

I've been rather enjoying the long analytical pieces over at Billmon's The Whisky Bar on the Lebanon-Israeli situation as it unfolds. It's worth plopping down and going back through his archives to read everything on this. Agree with him or not, he does bring some interesting perspectives to the table.

However, if you really want to scare yourself silly, Sy Hersh has yet another disturbing article up looking at Lebanon-Israel as a proxy war for Iran-U.S. Yeah. Don't read before just going to bed. You'll just lose sleep over it. I hate the fact that Sy has such a good track record for these sorts of things. It makes it harder to ignore him.

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