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Buffy fandom thot for the day...

You know? It's entirely possible to discuss why Spike is an interesting character without turning around and randomly attacking Xander as the worst fictional character to stalk the face of television.

It is especially possible to pull off this feat when no one was talking about Xander to begin with.

Repeat after me: "I can discuss why I like character X without bashing the fucking hell out of character Y, especially when I am an on an Internet board full of people who like character Y."

Failing to show a little consideration for your fellow fen is annoying, especially when you repeatedly engage in this behavior. Let's just say it's not the first time you've randomly dragged in a certain specific character you "hate" to show why your favored certain specific character is "superior."

If you can't argue for your favored character based on his or her merits without bashing another character...well, I've just gotta wonder about that.

Also, here's a tip: It is entirely possible to be a "real Faith fan" and ship Faith/Xander. No. Really.

It doesn't mean that everyone who ships Faith/Xander likes Faith just because she had sex with Xander at some point during Season 3. It is entirely possible to like Faith as, well, Faith separately from Xander. I like Faith for a lot of reasons. Schtupping and then trying to strangle the hell out of Xander at a later date doesn't happen to be one of those reasons. Kthnxbi.

So, please stop calling people who are Faith/Xander shippers "not really Faith fans" beacause you happen to strongly dislike the male half of the ship. I don't pick on your favored ship, do I? I don't say you're not really a fan of character X if you ship character X with character Y, do I? So stop it.

Jesus. Can't people just play nice?

And can we for one day stop it with the, "I know I am but what are you" tactics that were the cadillac of insults back when we were all, oh, 6? Especially since this is over an television show that's been off the air for how many years now?

Thanks for letting me air that niggling bit of irritation. I needed a slight steam vent. I think it's the project from hell. It's upped my annoyance level to the point where I'm getting easily annoyed by everything.

*wanders off singing 'Kumbayah'*

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