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Yup. Jane Siberry has lost it. She's giving it away.

Hat-tip to hernewshoes and waterstrider

It appears that Toronto-based pop/folk/christian/operatic/idiosyncratic singer Jane Siberry has apparantly flipped.

It appears that she's giving away just about everything she ever recorded for free.

You can choose to download entire albums or you can choose to download individual tracks instead. Once you choose what you want, go to the drop-down menu and choose one of the following: "Gift from Jane" (i.e., FREE), a standard price, or an amount of your choice that you can pay now or pay at a later date.

Be warned. You will have to register contact information with the store if you choose to "shop" or "accept a gift," so if you don't want to give personal information away in case Jane recovers her senses just be aware of this.

No. I have no idea what's promped this, but I'm not going to say no to 'Mimi on the Beach' from No Borders Here.

Apparantly Jane has basically gone do-lally. She's changed her name to Issa (fer sure, it's even on her Web site) and has sold all her earthly possessions. Ummm, yeah...


Anyway, Jane Sibery has a gorgeous voice backed by her classically trained piano playing. She easily adapts to whatever genre she sets her sights on. While I'm not a huge fan of hers (I have to be in a mood for her voice), it's definitely worth sampling a track or two if you've never heard of her or her voice before.

But just be warned, her style changes album to album (and sometimes song to song), so don't judge based on a handful of tracks.

Oddly enough, I actually felt guilty snurching the less-than-a-handful of tracks I did. I may go back and actually pay some cash for a couple of the full-album downloads because...damn she's giving away her life's work.

Yeah. I'll be over here pondering that for awhile.

Now, I'll be crawling to bed since I've been working 12-hour days all week.

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