April 13th, 2004

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SQUEEEE! I've Been Nominated...

Doing a quick sign on to jump up and down in excitement.

I've been nominated for The Walk With Heroes award for Whisper in the Xander category. What makes this a very special nom for me is that I'm in the same category as the marvelous Seeing Africa by Huzzlewhat, The Weary World Rejoicing by Annakovsky, The Loving Dead by Wiseacress, and Slow by Benaresq. I've actually read all these stories (and loved them to bits) even before checking out the nom page. So, if any of you nominated me out there in LJ-land, thank you.

Whisper is actually my favorite of all the stories I've written. I started it before S7 began (you can tell because the AU element is that the Magic Box got rebuilt) and I had to race to finish it before S7 ended.

I've thought long and hard on why it's my favorite and it boils down to this: It's a picture of what my ideal Scoobies are. I also honestly thought that this was the way ME was going to go on characterization based on the eps prior to 'Never Leave Me' on BtVS. I mean, it would make sense: They're supposedly fighting their toughest foe yet, so you'd think the characters would've come out of S6 maybe rougher around the edges, but stronger than they were.


While no one ever said Whisper was out of character, almost everyone classifies it as an AU because the Scoobs are friends capable of working together, coming up with a coherent plan, and express concern about the innocent people in town who may be killed. That. Is. Sad. (To me, anyway.)

It's funny that a few people have decided that Living History takes place in the same universe as Whisper. It actually doesn't, but based on how Whisper ends, I can see how people might think that to be true, even though it's not what I ever intended.

To be honest, I don't expect to win because my fellow nominees are so good. Another strike against it is that Whisper is so very bloody long, especially compared to the other stories in the category.

So when I say it's an honor to be nominated in this group, I honestly mean it, mostly because I didn't expect to be nominated to being with.

Go check out the site. LJ people will no doubt recognize a lot of names from LJ-Land there and the stories are most definitely worth reading. Best of all? Not an overly-shippy one in the bunch if you're looking for a change of pace.

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