April 27th, 2004

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New Living History...

Ever want to tell a voice in your head to shut up? No. Really. I'm going insane over here.

I blame fangirl drooling over the Homicide: Life on the Streets S4 DVD set at Borders this weekend. I. Want. It. Especially since I just finished watching my shiny new copy of S3.

Byaliss won't shut the hell up. He wants in on the post-Chosen world. We keep arguing. I'm still polishing up the end of Living History but he's all NOW NOW NOW NOW!

It doesn't help that I started picking at the fic a few weeks ago while watching Homicide S3. Imagine: Xander, Faith, and Bayliss in the same room? Specifically, an interview room in a prison? Xander and Faith are so very much toast. *small voice* I'm scared...

I don't do crossovers (well, I did but waaaaaaay back involving Battlestar Galactica and Red Dwarf that a friend I did for kicks and for fun because we both hated our jobs and were bored) but this one won't go the hell away.

I know I'm going to finish it. I know it. I just started re-watching Homicide S1 and taking notes about the Adena Watson case, I'm re-reading the book the series was based on (Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets)and I ordered the Homicide reunion movie (got it on Ebay for $10).

Now, the Homicide movie...there was the guest cast from hell. They had everyone who ever appeared in the credits show up for that (including the soapy and pretty cast from S7). If you thought Law & Order has a revolving door for the cast, that's nothing compared to Homicide. I think there were four characters in the movie that were there from the first ep and stayed through the show's run: Bayliss, Giardello, Munch, and Meldrick.

The movie, overall, was a mess because it attempted to catch us up on everyone who ever appeared in the credits (including characters that had died during the show's run...it wasn't as nearly cheesy as it sounds).

But near the end there is this one scene that's maybe three minutes (if that long--but it feels like it goes on forever, and I mean that in a good way) between Bayliss and Pembleton. It has to be probably (IMHO) the best-acted scene ever on any broadcast television series where Bayliss just emotionally destroys Pembleton when he confesses to something. Just watching Kyle Secor's physical acting and hearing Andre Braugher's voice begging him to stop speaking...chills. And I haven't seen that scene in something like four or five years. *shudder*

The book the show is based on is interesting because the series (especially in the early seasons) hit every single case that was mentioned in the book, including the Adena Watson case (it's a different name in the book). It's also equally interesting how the characters on the television show became so completely different from the officers profiled in the book. It's a cracking good read, but be warned: It's written in what I call "journalism style" (the author was a reporter for the Baltimore Sun) so if the dry observer-style of writing drives you up the wall, don't read it, whatever you do. In it's defense, I'll just say that it did win an Edgar Allen Poe Award for true crime writing from the Mystery Writers of America.

What? I pay attention to this stuff...

Anyways, you probably are bored already, so, here's a new Living History part in which Giles makes Xander an offer he can't refuse (no, it doesn't involve a horsehead in his bed):



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