July 14th, 2004

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

I suck...and new Living History...

Getting me in front of a computer at night is well nigh impossible these days as some LJ deadlines are slipping on me and email keeps going unanswered. I can thank work for that: three tight deadlines in four days result in 11-hour days (thanks to the hurry-up-and-wait from the clients).

End result? I owe ludditerobot feedback for his bubbling Tara/Xander story (me FLove, btw), a missed deadline for bookishwench's Feedback-a-thon which means I should send an email to her and the authors with abject apology and promises to get the FB there by this weekend. I won't even read feedback on my stories until I get this done.

Let's not mention that AlphaSmart sent me a defective Dana. A new one is on the way, but there was first a delay in shipping and now this. I expressed my deep unhappiness to TechSupport that they sent me a piece of equipment that not only won't charge, but also won't turn on even if it's plugged in. *growls* I won't have to pay for shipping the defective one back and I don't have to send it back until I get a new one. Although I'm not entirely sure how holding a defective Dana hostage puts me in the driver's seat.

At least it looks nice. The heft is light. And the screen is newspaper column-width sized. Look ma! A museum piece! Or an ashtray. Haven't decided which, really.

I'm so drained because of the hours I'm working that I'm pretty much reduced to sitting on the couch and re-watching Homicide: Life on the Street S3.

*smacks Bayliss/pets Bayliss*

Sadly, yes, I can see Xander sleeping with a death-obsessed artist and having sex in a coffin built for two. Funny how I missed that little similarity between the two characters the first time watching S3.

And still my Meldrick lurve keeps on growin'. Duuuuuude, how'd I miss this guy first time around? I mean, seriously, I was all about the Pembleton/Bayliss pair during the broadcast run. This time around, I'm adding Meldrick to my love-to-love-you-baby list.  

In the meantime: I'm starting to upload Whisper and Living History to whiskyinmind's I Need A Parrot to help support the BtVS Writers' Guild Xander site. I feel bad that I didn't do it before, but last time I tried the interface I had a difficult time with it. *hangs head in shame* The revamped site is idiot-proof. I think. These brain-dead days I truly need it.

Then, on top of all this, I find out the reason why my very, very, very short snippet of Living History posted on Friday had no less than four typos (GGGRRAAAAWWWWLLLLLL!): the cleaned up version disappeared into the ether.


Hopefully, this part will be more typo-free.

The previous parts:

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