August 10th, 2004

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

An interesting idea for a meme...

Spotted this earlier on musesfool's journal:</span>

Go through your old stories and find something that perfectly encapsulates your feelings about a character and post it to your LJ.

Then I saw that herself_nyc had posted her unfinished snippets and stories on Bugger This.

And I thought: HEY! What an interesting idea to combine the two! I know I've got bits and pieces floating around with snippets that I thought was pretty good, good enough that I want to use them in an actual "living" story.

So I combined the above memes. I'd be kind of curious to read different abandoned bits that other people on my FList liked over their own work, but know that those bits might never see the light of day.

So, how's this for a meme?

Post something from an unfinished (and probably never-to-be-finished) fic that you really liked that you think perfectly encapsulates characters in that fic.

C'mon. You know you wanna. I'll even go first:

Just a warning: The actual text from the stories is unformatted, so the visible text might be a little small.


Collapse )

There's actually a lot more where that came from, but most of the stuff I'd post are actually from the same stories I've already posted or are from stories I haven't quite given up on yet. Others are passages I plan to actually use and adapt for another story.

If anyone wants to adopt any of the above orphans, drop me a line.


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