September 11th, 2004

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

New Living History...

I'm doing a post and run this a.m.

Apologies for taking so long, but there was a huuuuuuge kerfluffle over on the test list with this (actually, one person who hated it and then started attacking people who liked it) so I had to deal with that, then RL kicked up a notch at work.

Have I mentioned I've got waaaaay too much email to deal with right now? I've been a little scarce online. Anyway, I'm going to try to get Part 63 up here sometime this week, but I'm having trouble with a transition scene and I'm heading to Baltimore next weekened to visit friends (wo0t!), so my time is gonna be pretty crunched.

Anyway, here's Part 62. It's been waiting to be posted for 13 months. It was actually the second scene I wrote (the end is the first scene I wrote, believe it or not).

Oh, an interesting note, hyperion_lobby will be going to self-pimping on Monday. So join, and when you've got a story or an update, post it there (limited to one post per day). The rules are in the user info.

The drill: Up to part 60 can be found here.

Part 61 (the previous part) can be found here.


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