September 22nd, 2004

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

What if the U.S. was like Iraq?

Juan Cole puts it in perspective by explaining how the U.S. would look if it was the "Iraq" in this equation.

I rather like this guy and I've been reading him off and on for a couple of months. He's a professor of history at the University of Michigan. His site Informed Consent is well worth the read.

A quick note while I'm at work: Thank you all for your expressions of sympathy. Time's a little short at my end so this is a general thanks for for the hugs.

I've been keeping upbeat by catering to George. It was kind of sad, though. He was riding around on my shoulder last night and whenever I opened a door or walked into a room he'd let out a very loud "Where are you?" chirp and look around.

Whenever I leave the room I get the same chirp, so I have to whistle back at him.

Otherwise, he's doing good. He's playing with his toys, eating and drinking, preening (although he definitely doesn't like doing all the work himself...I got a couple of glares), and still trying to steal my food. (While my back was turned last night the little nudge snuck up on my plate of pasta and stole a noodle! Grrrrrr! Tomato sauce everywhere!)

The only bad thing is he's going through a small stress molt...that and he keeps looking at places where Gracie would hang out and chirp at them with that "Where are you?" chirp.

Plus, I really need to keep his bird-y feet away from my AlphaSmart. Now that he doesn't have Gracie to bug, he's decided that he must bug me...usually by walking across the AlphaSmart keyboard. Right. Living History by George.

I. Don't. Think. So.

So, good news...George isn't moping.

Bad news?

It appears I've been promoted to from "strange bird who feeds me" to "strange bird I can drive crazy."