October 6th, 2004

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Tommy Westphall update...

For people fascinated with The Tommy Westphall Universe, turns out the brains behind it are right here on LJ

*waves to crossoverman and smashsc*

They've also started tommywestphall to keep people updated about newly discovered connections to the Tommy-verse, allow for discussion, and other cool things.

Needless to say, friended, friended, friended.

I don't know why I find this fascinating, but I do.

Also, on another front, I'm now in day three of the South Beach Diet. Truthfully, I don't find it all that hard, mostly because I think I'm actually eating *more* and because I eat most of this stuff anyway. The only thing I have to lose is the breads and the fruit (at least for the first two weeks). Now I thought I was a bread freak, but after the first day, I don't miss it at all.

The only thing I *refuse* to give up is creme in my coffee. Sorry. No. I've compromised with the fat-free half & half, but it's still going in. If that dude in the book refused to give up his dish of ice cream every day and still lost weight, I don't think a couple of splashes of fat-free half & half every day is going to be the death knell.

Plus, I'm subsituting extra virgin olive oil (which I should have been doing anyway) for stir-fry and cooking.

So, overall, I'm not feeling the pain on this. I have to be doing this completely and stupidly wrong if it's this easy.

Anyway, off to work!
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Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Because I'm a sheep...

Okay, stolen from FList,

The "First Line" meme:

"...it might be cool to start a meme where you list all the first lines of your fics and then people write drabbles in the comments with the same first line."

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a drabble with the same first line as any of the following, and leave it in my comments here.

Collapse )

If you feel like it, leave drabbles of any length from 100 - 500 words. All fandoms welcome.

ETA: Working on the payback for my prezzies.

So far:

Wrote for booster17 Faith (BtVS, S4) Rated: R in exchange for Faith/Xander, Post-Chosen

Wrote for sunnyd_lite Spike (BtVS, S4) Rated: PG in exchange for Could It Get Any Worse?: Xander (S7)

Wrote for lisaroquin Just a Little Prick: Jack, Sam, and Daniel (SG:1, PG-13) in exchange for He Knew That Moan: Spike and Xander (AtS, S5)

Wrote for hjcallipygian Faith (BtVS, Post-S7, PG) in exchange for Buffy

Wrote for szandara Drabble: Willow (BtVS, Post-S7, G) in exchange for Xander POV (S7)

Wrote for callmesandy Short Piece: Faith, Xander, and Brendon Fraser (BtVS, Post-S, PG) in exchange for Buffy, Willow (BtVS, PG)

More to come!